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4 Sharing Dishes That Will Make Your Valentine’s Day Date Hungry For More

Make Yours The Most Romantic Dinner Yet - 4 Dishes For A Super Valentine’s Day In Singapore

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching. If you're planning to celebrate in style this year you will absolutely need to find some delicious dishes for you and your date to dine on. By ordering a sharing platter the two of you can dig into together, this Valentine's Day will be more romantic than ever. After all, there's nothing better than eating good food in the comfort of your own home with the one you love. We've lined up four platters that are sure to get you in your date's good books.

1. Seafood Platters - Greenwood Fish Market

Any Central Singapore native will know there is no better place to find sumptuous seafood than the Greenwood Fish Market. Whether you're interested in bulk orders, soups, salads, burgers or even pastas, this quintessential Singapore fish market has it all. For Valentine's couples looking to enjoy some seafood this year, there's no better option than one of Greenwood Market's seafood platters. There's cold and hot platters featuring Boston lobster, yellow fin tuna, shucked oysters and much more. For the more adventurous, there are sashimi platters: here in Singapore we love sushi, so chances are you'll enjoy these 30- or 50-piece platters with fresh salmon, tuna, swordfish belly, king fish and snapper.

2. Sandwich Platter - Munch Saladsmith

For many couples, Valentine's Day is about celebrating love in a classy yet slightly cheeky way. One of the best ways to get that elegance with an edge is to host an at-home picnic. It says you're willing to put in the effort, without you having to get all dressed up and leave the comfort of your home. If this sounds like a good idea to you, take a look at Munch Saladsmith and their extravagant sandwich platter. Fillings include vegan veggies, ham and cheese, B.L.T. and turkey and cranberry, all of which are sure to keep your date happy.

3. Antipasto All'Italiana – Trattoria Cucina

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If you're looking for a traditional, romantic Italian meal for two, and you're a massive fan of antipasti, treat your date to the antipasto all'Italiana from Trattoria Cucina. Seriously, this dish could feed an entire village, packed with small pieces of antipasto heaven including Parma ham, salami, mortadella, black olives and numerous types of cheese. Getting through this enormously satisfying platter will prove you can work as a team… but don't stop there. This falls under the 'Starters' category so why wouldn't you indulge in even more delicious Italian food afterwards? Gee, Valentine's Day sure is hard.

4. Premium Platters – Wine Connection Cheese Bar

Homemade tartines, gourmet salads, decadent desserts and more wines than you can shake a corkscrew at: there are just so many dishes to choose from at the Wine Connection Cheese Bar. Of course, with so much choice it makes far more sense to go for one of the restaurant's platter options. There there are two selections, although each has three sizes. For a true feast (and because how will you possibly pick just a few dishes?) opt for the seven-item Premium Platter. There are French-inspired sandwiches, fine cheeses with fruit and over eight salads to choose from in total. Then there are the wines, of course – and there are dozens so you can pair it up perfectly with your romantic dinner.

For even more platter options and other Valentine's Day dishes visit Deliveroo and search for restaurants in your local area.  

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