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Healthy Seafood Dishes to "Trout" Your Body and Taste Buds

Eating more Seafood is a top way to make your diet more healthy - just take a look at these four delights

Eating healthy is a very important aspect of having a long and happy life. Making sure we get all the right nutrients and vitamins our bodies need is essential but can sometimes be tricky. When life gets busy, it's easy to opt for a quick fast-food option and - as tasty as that may be - it's not necessarily good for us. But eating healthy doesn't mean giving up flavour. While some turn to vegetarianism to find their health boost, seafood is delicious and packed with so many healthy goodies. What's more, it can be eaten in diverse and delicious ways. There are a lot of places in Singapore to get your hands on a seafood dish that'll help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle, so let's dive right in.

1. Omega 3 for breakfast to help boost brain power

One of the best ways to boost your brain power is by getting plenty of omega 3 into your diet. Breakfast is the best time to do this as it sets your day up perfectly and many fish are rich in omega 3. Salmon in particular is practically oozing with the stuff. The Le Nordic Set served over at Saybons is a totally delicious and healthy breakfast made with two scrambled eggs and a Norwegian smoked salmon. This dish is perfect to eat before a big day and will keep you feeling alert and energised - and did we mention how totally tasty it is?

2. Protein for lunch to help build muscle

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Making sure your diet has plenty of protein in it is a great way to manage weight and build muscle. For the perfect post-gym lunch try a poke bowl, the latest food trend from Hawaii. Poke bowls don't just look pretty, they are full of fantastic healthy ingredients. A Poke Theory is one of the best poke places in town and their Original Shoyu Tuna bowl is one of their most popular dishes. Chunks of tuna (high in protein!) are seasoned with shoyu (the Japanese name for soy sauce) along with sesame and a choice of even more healthy ingredients. By customising this dish, you'll forget you're even on a diet! 

3. Vitamins A, B and D boost your mood and bone health

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Shellfish is a fantastic way to get more vitamins into your body as most are packed with vitamins A, B and D, which help to boost your mood and improve your bone health. Riccioti Riverwalk serves some tasty shellfish dishes to help you get your vitamin injection, including the Spaghettoni alla Marinara. This pasta dish is packed with tasty seafood including prawns, mussels, calamari and clams, all served with Italian parsley and tomato sauce. Delicious and necessary.

4. Iodine is slimming and increases metabolism

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If you're looking to slim down and increase the speed of your metabolism, getting more iodine is the best way to do it. Broiled, lean seafood is packed with iodine and is a great way to stay on the health train. The Grilled Catfish served over at Ayam Penyet is just what you need. This dish is simple but tasty and is made with grilled catfish, grilled tofu, a beancake and black bean sauce - the perfect combination of yummy and healthy. 

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