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  2. If you’re looking for the best toppings for your waffles Singapore has you covered
4 of the Best Toppings for Waffles Singapore Has to Offer

If you’re looking for the best toppings for your waffles Singapore has you covered

Here in Singapore we love desserts, and few sweet treats are more popular than waffles. Sure, crepes are yummy and we'll never get enough chocolate pudding, no matter how much we eat. But there's something special about indulging in waffles, especially when they have great toppings. Whether you're an ice cream fan, a traditionalist or looking for a luxurious dessert on treat day we've found the best waffles Singapore has to offer with the tastiest toppings imaginable. 

1. Chocolate Chip Treat

You know what they say: go big or go home. When it comes to sweet treats, you deserve a luxurious delicious dessert that really hits the spot, especially if desserts are an indulgence rather than a common occurrence. If this resonates with you it's time to check out Galare, one of Singapore's leading dessert parlours. In their Chocolate Chip Treat, the waffle itself has chocolate chips baked into it and that's before the entire dish is drizzled in maple or chocolate sauce. It's messy, it's tasty and it's quite possibly the best waffle in Singapore. 

2. Banana Crumble Waffle with Caramel Sauce

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Finding a healthy option is not what we're about today (and, let's face it - it would be pretty difficult to find one when it comes to waffle toppings), but fruit on your waffle can still count as one of your five a day. Dessert and ice cream parlour Dandelion Café offer a particularly saucy number named the Banana Crumble Waffle. Crispy waffle topped with sliced banana and crumbles, topped with luxurious caramel and chocolate sauces and dusted off with a coating of icing sugar. The contrasting textures in this masterpiece are like nothing else.

3. Plain Waffles with Sugar, Butter and Syrup

Sometimes, you just don't want to mess with a classic. So it's no surprise that waffles accompanied by sugar, lemon, butter and a variety of syrups remain popular. This is how waffles, pancakes and crepes have most commonly been enjoyed for decades and it looks like these toppings are here to stay - regardless of the eccentric new toppings hitting menus every day. As far as desserts go, Wimbly Lu offers more options than most Italian restaurants and the selection of ice cream, pancakes, crepes and cakes are second to none. Yet it's the plain Waffles that really stand out, a traditional take on waffle desserts with icing sugar, butter and maple syrup. 

4. Waffles with Ice Cream Toppings

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While sugar, lemon and butter may be a traditional waffle topping, it simply cannot compete with ice cream. Korean dessert parlour Nun Song Yee Korean Dessert Café has everything from Snow Flake Bingsu to Signature Toast - and, of course, plenty of waffle dishes with ice cream. There are quite a few flavours to choose from, most of which are fruity. There's mango, strawberry and mixed berries, as well as choco banana. With so much variety, there's a waffle for everyone at Nun Song Yee!.

For even more ideas on how to top your waffles, head over to Deliveroo and see the desserts in your area.

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