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  2. Crème de la Crème: Singapore Restaurants Giving France Some Serious Competition
Crème de la Crème: Singapore Restaurants Giving France Some Serious Competition

Crème de la Crème: Singapore Restaurants Giving France Some Serious Competition

Seeking some elegant yet simple food, where the ingredients shine? Singapore is full of French restaurants that could rival some of the finest bistros in Paris, whether you're looking for vegetarian or carnivore options.

You might be after an expertly cooked steak haché, some good classic French fries or the opportunity to indulge in a crème brûlée. No matter what French cuisine is to your taste, from half a roast chicken to gourmet Cordon Bleu standard, you can satisfy your French food cravings in Singapore. Here's a look at some of Singapore's best French restaurant finds.


Starting off with a familiar name in both French fast food and fine dining, Paul is a good place to start for classic French cuisine. The chain has branches across the city, so you are never far from popular French food. Patisserie, pancakes and Croque Monsieur are just a taster of items found on the menu. An ideal way to introduce friends and family to what the majority of the world would recognize as traditional French cuisine.

2.Symmetry Cafe

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For those of you around the Bugis and Arab street who want to take your taste buds further, then Symmetry Café may be just the place. Taking inspiration from a number of international cuisines, Symmetry's French dishes include fries with truffle oil, confit duck leg with croissant and waffles. Not a bad selection from this innovative eatery.

3.L'Entrecôte - The Steak & Fries Bistro

French cuisine is not quite complete without a steak or two. L'Entrecôte serves their famous steak with, of course, french fries, sauce and salad. You can go all out and order one of the classic starters, most notably rillettes and pâté. Add a glass of wine and you will no doubt be transported to the French Riviera. With two locations in Singapore, the famous French steak can now be enjoyed by even more people.

4.Wine Connection

Fine dining does not just have to mean food. In recent years, Wine Connection have popped up across Singapore with their Spanish, French and North Indian-style restaurants and wine shops. Their platters with French cheeses are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of French red wine. Very sophisticated indeed.

5.Laurent's Café

French food does not always come in the shape of a fancy restaurant or bistro. Sometimes, a quirky little café can deliver the goods. Laurent's Café serves up lots of classic French cuisine, from croque sandwiches and onion soup to confit duck leg. For dessert, you can treat yourself to some cake and tart. Lots of lovely French dishes here with a homely feel.


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For a fast food alternative, Saybons is located across the city, offering both sweet and savory crepes. A great way to experience the flavors of France on the go. They also cater for events, so you never know when Saybons will be near you.

It is fair to say that there is an array of French cuisine on offer in Singapore. From the high-end, sophisticated bistros to the cafés serving simple, classic French dishes, with Deliveroo, they will be on your doorstep in no time. Bon appetit!

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