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The Most Irresistible Prawn Dishes in Singapore

Time for Thai? Irresistibly tasty prawn dishes in Singapore

The irresistible flavours of Thai cuisine have made it one of the most popular types of food in Singapore and further afield. If you enjoy tucking into Thai takeaway meals then you can pick from some of the tastiest and healthiest dishes around. Especially interesting are the seafood meals in which prawns are used to give a lovely flavour and texture that really brings all of the other ingredients alive. The following are some of the best Thai prawn dishes in Singapore.

1. Phat Thai with Seafood - ThaiExpress

Arguably the best dish on the menu at ThaiExpress is their famously succulent Phat Thai with Seafood. This meal is a delightful mixture of springy string noodles, bean curd, tasty prawns and squid. It is a wonderful combination that should appeal to every fan of seafood and Thai cuisine. Other options on the menu here include Prawn Omelette with Rice and Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice.

2. Signature Green Curry Prawns - Rattan Thai Restaurant

The big menu at Rattan Thai brings an extensive selection of prawn dishes for you to sample. Among the best of them is their Signature Green Curry. This fantastic curry is one of the classic Thai recipes and it comes in varieties that include chicken, beef and vegetable. Among the other top-notch prawn meals you can order from here are Butter Prawns, Hot and Spicy Tiger Prawns, Oat Prawns and Steamed Garlic Prawns. Don't forget that they also offer a choice of Combos if you want to order a meal to share with someone else.

3. Black Pepper Prawns - On Nom Taste of Thai

There is more than enough choice at On Nom Taste of Thai to get your taste buds tingling in anticipation of a delivery from this classy restaurant. Even if you only look at the section of the menu covering seafood then you will discover numerous tempting options. Among the best prawns dishes on here, you will see the likes of Garlic Prawns, Sambal Prawns and Grilled Prawns. However, it may be the wonderful Black Pepper Prawns that catch your eye, which are definitely well worth giving a try. There are also good beverage, beer and dessert options to round off your meal.

4. Aglio Olio Style Tom Yum Pasta - Som Tam

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The Thai cuisine available at Som Tam gives you a vast choice of meat and seafood dishes to choose from. With options ranging from Salad in a Bottle to pasta and noodles dishes, there is something here for every taste. If you are a huge fan of Thai prawns then you will most likely be tempted to order something like the Aglio Olio Style Tom Yum Pasta. This dish adds garlic and prawns to Tom Yum for memorably flavoursome results. When you choose a drink to go with it then options such as Hand Crafted Tea and Thai Matcha Latte are definitely worth considering.

5. Phat Thai Kung - Gin Khao

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Another Thai restaurant where you will be utterly spoiled for choice is Gin Khao. This place has a lip-smacking collection of dishes and none stands out more than the ever-popular Phat Thai Kung. This is a classic combination of wok-fried Phat Thai that is served with wonderfully fresh prawns. Desserts that you might want to add to your order include Mango with Black Sticky Rice and Man Cheaum.

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