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Singapore's Tastiest Vegetarian Starters

Scrumptious Chinese starters for Singapore’s dedicated vegetarians

A culture built on passion, prosperity and an incredibly fascinating cuisine, China offer some of the most delicious and tasteful dishes for every veggie eater! For those with a vegetarian diet, Chinese cuisine boasts more than you can imagine, especially in Singapore where Asian flavours come to thrive! Savoury and sweet, salty and spicy, every mesmerising Chinese starter tickles your palette and ensures a wonderful meal ahead. You won't miss out on any of these fantastic Chinese starters in Singapore with our insanely helpful guide!

1. Crispy Beancurd Cubes - Crystal Jade Kitchen

Dedicated to cooking perfect dim-sum for their loyal customers using fresh ingredients and professional methods to prepare every dish, Crystal Jade Kitchen offers up terrific and truly authentic dishes from China. The Crispy Beancurd Cubes are perfect for veggie lovers as a starter to any meal about to be devoured. Delicious bean curd is formed into nutritious cubes and seasoned with salt and pepper for an extra push before being fried to a golden crisp, making every bite as enjoyable as the last!

2. Fried Carrot Cake with Chilli Sauce - Peach Garden

Peach Garden is another splendid restaurant offering exhilarating Chinese dishes of all sorts. A must try starter is the Fried Carrot Cake with Chilli sauce. Not to be confused with its dessert counterpart, this dish tricks you into eating healthy with white radish and rice flour at its core traditionally cut up into cubes and garnished with garlic and eggs. This makes for a perfect appetizer chock-full of veggie goodness before your meal! The fried carrot cake is also served with a savoury XO Chili sauce to add even more zing.

3. Lettuce Rolls - Paradise Dynasty

Chinese Lettuce Rolls are a perfectly healthy and highly satisfying appetizer for any time of the day! Over at Paradise Dynasty, their mesmerizing lettuce rolls are hand-rolled and tied with thin sheets of cucumber sheets for an exciting veggie delight. Served with a creamy, heavenly sesame sauce homemade for the utmost freshness, it's easy to dive into healthy food when it tastes this great!

4. Pineapple Bo Lo Buns - Xin Wang Hong Kong Café

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A sweeter treat to top off our guide is the deliciously delightful Pineapple Bo Lo Bun, a common treat in China. Bo Lo Buns are freshly mesmerizing, aromatic baked buns infused with all sorts of goods, in this case, refreshing pineapples. Full of flavour, the crunchy top part gives you an exciting first bite before digging into the doughy and enticing interior, with the taste of pineapples lingering after every mouthful. The spot of butter sitting inside these mounds of deliciousness top it all off, making Bo Lo buns a much-loved and popular appetizer in China. Be sure to check out Xin Wang's fantastic Bo Lo Buns next time you're craving something puffy and sweet to prepare you for a hearty meal.

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