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  2. Topping It Off - Meet The Fries Putting Burgers In The Corner
Topping It Off - Singapore's Fries Putting Burgers In The Corner

Topping It Off - Meet The Fries Putting Burgers In The Corner

Fries have long been seen as the less imaginative best friend of the burger. For so long they have accompanied the burger quietly whilst the burger was undergoing a makeover, becoming juicier and more flavoursome than ever. However, the fries have now had enough of playing second fiddle, and they are enjoying a moment in the limelight.

No longer are they the Kelly Rowland of the comfort food revolution, but have stepped out to become a carby Queen B. Burgers might be great, but topped fries are a whole new level of indulgence. Singapore has some great American restaurants to choose from, given that the burger revolution has totally changed the way in which we eat. Here are some of our favourite loaded fries in SG.

1. Fatboy's The Burger Bar - Disco Fries

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Fatboy's are known for their mammoth kitchen creations. Their burgers are larger than life and their fries are no exception. Their Disco Fries will have you dancing all the way home. Their signature fries are served with a thick beef gravy and topped with shredded cheese. The tanginess of the gravy works against the cheese and the hot and crispy fries for the perfect comfort food for a Saturday night in.

2. Chili's Grill and Bar - Texas Cheese Fries

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Chili's Tex-Mex inspired menu is packed with loads of great options, from burger stacks to crispy tacos. However, it is their appetisers which grabbed our attention. Alongside skillets of queso are their Texas Cheese Fries. You'll get their classic fries topped with applewood smoked bacon, jalapenos, green onions and cheese, with a squirt of homemade ranch dressing. It's a Tex-Mex explosion of stringy cheese and crispy fries that you'll want to make sure you try at Chili's.

3. Three Buns - Naughty Fries

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If you thought that topped fries couldn't be gourmet, then you've obviously never visited Three Buns. Their house fries are topped with a spiced bearnaise sauce, hot beef chilli, bawang goreng (crispy fried onions) Formaggio Oro Del Maso (a parmesan cheese made only with the finest milk for from mountains in the Venetian region of Italy) and the lightest sprinkling of sesame seeds. It's a flavour combination that is so complex, yet so naughty that you'll wonder why you ever dined out in fancy restaurants.

4. Three Buns - Corn Fries

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We thought it was important to stress that topped fries aren't just the preserve of carnivores. Vegetarians can enjoy deliciously indulgent fries too. The Corn Fries at Three Buns (again) are the equally naughty cousin of the Naughty Fries, however, they are completely meat free. You'll get the Three Buns signature twice cooked potatoes, charred and pickled sweetcorn, BBQ sauce, cumin aioli, chilli, scallions and coriander. Proof that the naughtiest of food is vegan-friendly, and you won't have to miss out on the Three Buns signature smoked flavours.

Have we got your taste buds a'tingling? Head on over to Deliveroo to give loaded fries the chance they deserve.

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