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A Guide to Singapore’s Freshest Pastries And Bakeries

Fresh and flaky - a guide to Singapore’s sweetest pastries

Whether you're after the ultimate breakfast treat, coming home after running your daily errands, or perhaps enjoying a tea time get-together with friends, no time is the wrong time for a scrumptious, freshly baked pastry! Sweet and delicious crumbly tarts, savoury chocolate treats and so much more reside right in the heart of Singapore.

The best bakeries and cafés around are at the tip of your fingers with delicately prepared goods that are freshly baked daily for a mouth-watering snack, whether it's a unique breakfast or midday treat. Check out our guide on where to find some of Singapore's best-baked treats!

1. Mini Beignet De Choc - Paul

Pastries, both sweet and savoury, have evolved into a world of variety and etiquette within the baking tradition of many cultures, particularly that of France. Paul is easily among the most recognized names in the baking business worldwide. Originating in the north of France over 100 years ago, it's safe to say Paul is an absolute favourite in the world of baked goods. Authentic French breads, pastries, desserts and much more are freshly baked and served hot every day incorporating the essence of French baking culture with a hint their signature luxury twist.

A wonderful accompaniment to your breakfast coffee or afternoon tea is Paul's Mini Beignet De Choc - delightful mini-doughnuts puffed to perfection coated in a delicate layer of powdered sugar, then pumped with a creamy chocolate hazelnut filling. These bite-sized doughnuts are dangerously addictive, and sure to perk up your mood no matter what time of day. With a long list of authentic French country-style viennoiseries to choose from, Paul's is guaranteed to deliver the finest quality with every bite.

2. Dark Chocolate Cherry Rum Brownie - Plain Vanilla Bakery

Arguably serving one of, if not the best, cupcakes in Singapore, Plain Vanilla Bakery is a name known by most across the city. PVB also bakes a fantastic selection of fresh goods of all styles from scrumptious teacakes to hearty loaves of fresh bread and even savoury tarts. Riveting in every sense, the Dark Chocolate Cherry Rum Brownie (just the name alone is sure to get those taste buds excited) is a decadent fudgy masterpiece. An enticing and delicious dark chocolate brownie mixed with cherry rum beautifully blended with the finest craftsmanship to create this mellow flavour perfect for a winter-themed dessert. This mood-lifting fudge paradise is an absolute must-try for all chocolate lovers in town. Other splendid mentions worth revisiting are the Strawberry Custard Tart and the Lemon Cream Tart that are light in texture with a zesty punch for the ultimate pastry experience each and every time!

3. Orange scone - Joe & Dough

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When on the hunt for your favourite pastry shop, keeping those breakfast hotspots in mind is key. One such popular café known for their breakfast selections is Joe & Dough, who take their craft in baking goods very seriously, delivering fresh and high-quality ingredients combined with skill and expertise. Playing on one of the most iconic breakfast flavours - orange - Joe & Dough's rendition of the classic orange scone is simply to die for!

Keeping the integrity of the traditional scone, this tasty breakfast favourite exemplifies their baker's skills with a perfectly crumbly base that instantly melts in your mouth infused with fresh orange squeeze and speckled with the tangy yet sweet zest of an orange that will have you yearning for seconds. Other pastry must-tries include the banana walnut and chocolate cranberry muffin which arrive packed with rich flavours and baked to perfection. Why not treat yourself to the ultimate breakfast in bed this season and select your favourites from beneath your cosy duvet?

4. Mini Madeleines - Amiral Atelier

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When it comes to baked goods, one cannot forget the simple cookie - a traditional favourite often prepared in a uniquely delicious way within different cultures, and now, of course, a mainstream sensation! Cookies come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours from the all-time American classics such as the Snickerdoodle or the chocolate chip, to the deeply traditional flavours of the German Lebkuchen, a cookie can be as diverse as the cultures that create them.

For something a little closer to home, check out Amiral Atelier, which showcases a merger of two wondrous cultures, creating classic French pastries with a traditional Japanese touch to produce praise-worthy baked goodness. A true gem among their tasty selection of petit gateaux and creamy cakes are their Mini Madeleines. These moist and perfectly baked clam shaped delights are a classic French treat! A soft textured cookie pumped to the brim with heavenly orange blossom honey make every bite a sensational burst of flavour. The ultimate accompaniment to any hot beverage and a great way to perk up your day, a Madeleine from Amiral Atelier is one you won't forget!

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