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4 Desserts That’ll Look Great on Your Instagram Feed

Sweet treats that look so good you’ll want to Instagram them

There was a time when all we wanted from a dessert was sweet sugary goodness, but our sweet treats need to look so beautiful that we can post them on Instagram. After all, if you didn't post your dessert on Instagram did you even have the dessert? This is a question we often ask ourselves, as well as, "Where we can buy gorgeous desserts from in Singapore?" Well, we've got a definite answer for the last one and for the first - why take any risks? Indulge in these four treats and watch the likes pour in.

1. Country Waffle Sets

For over five years now, Marble Slab Creamery has been creating some of the best ice cream and waffle creations in all of Singapore. The ice cream parlour is famous around the island for creating the Unicorn Ice Cream Cake, the Cookie Dough Drizzle Cake and, of course, the Willy Wonka Ice Cream Cake. We've even celebrated them for their sundaes. Still, it's their Country Waffle Sets that are surprisingly the most Instagram-friendly sweet treats on their menu. Whether you opt for the Velvet Indulgence Set to get your chocolate hit or choose the Caramelised Dreams waffles, we guarantee any picture you upload will get plenty of likes. #nofilter

2. Tartelette Au Chocolat

When we say Paul is the home of decadent desserts and suave sweet treats we aren't kidding around. Every single item on their menu is truly beautiful and it's pretty difficult to choose just one dessert that would look great on your Instagram. We eventually decided on the Tartelette Au Chocolat, as not only is the original gorgeous looking, but the restaurant often creates new versions of this iconic treat - meaning more Instagram ops. One of their most recent takes on the chocolate tart was a salted caramel-filled delight but, to start, you seriously can't go wrong with the original. #backtobasics

3. Double Fromage Cheesecake

There's a wide variety of bespoke cheesecakes At LeTAO, all made to order and presented beautifully. Yet their regular cheesecakes are by far the most popular - both on their menu and on Instagram. Their Double Fromage Cheesecake is delicately photogenic while thick and creamy on the tongue. Just one cake weighs in at 360 grams and is 12cm in circumference too, so you've got plenty of time for photos while you're tucking in! #eyesbiggerthanbelly

4. Rainbow Cake

Some desserts have made it so big, they're likenesses are already plastered all over the internet. Take macaroons for instance - every single shot of them, regardless of where they come from, looks so good. The iconic rainbow cake has been all over Instagram for months now, but it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon and NOM Bistro & Bakery has you covered with something unique all the same. There's Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Cookies N Cream and even cheesecake-based versions of the rainbow cake, all of which look brilliant. #tastetherainbowcake

For even more iconic Instagram-worthy desserts, check out what Deliveroo is up to near you.

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