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The Best Sushi Dishes for Fish-Haters in Singapore

Love sushi but hate fish? 5 Singapore dishes to get the best of both worlds

Most people associate sushi with fish but as well know, fish-based dishes ain't the most popular in the world. Maybe you have friends who love it but you can't stand the sight of fish dishes when you eat together? Thankfully, there are some terrific options for ordering in sushi in Singapore and some of the very best offer dishes that replace the fish with the likes of chicken, egg or beef. Take a look at our run-down of the very finest fish-free sushi dishes in Singapore.

1. Spicy Chicken Roll - Seoulroll

There is an extensive selection of sushi rolls available at Seoulroll, with many different fillings that will delight those of us who aren't so keen on eating fish. For instance, you could choose the tasty Spicy Chicken Roll that has rice, carrot, radish pickle, lettuce cucumber, budok root, eggs and spicy chicken as its ingredients. Another option here is the Mushroom and Truffle Oil Roll. This stunning roll brings you a similar mixture to the Spicy Chicken Roll but with four kinds of mushroom and truffle oil replacing the chicken.

2. Kappa Maki - Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

There are numerous types of sushi at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant, with most of them containing some sort of fish or other types of seafood. The sight of Kappa Maki on the menu will be welcomed by any hungry fish-haters, or indeed vegetarians. It's a classic type of sushi that contains Japanese cucumber instead of fish. You might also be interested in their popular Tamago Maki dish, which is a kind of sushi roll that contains sweet egg omelette in place of fish.

3. Yaki Corn Sushi - Sakae Sushi

With grilled corn instead of fish, Yaki Corn Sushi is a tremendous choice if you like sushi but aren't so keen on having it filled with the likes of salmon or tuna. At Sakae Sushi you can also choose Tamago Sushi, which is a kind of egg omelette sushi. Inari is another excellent choice here, as it is a sweet bean curd sushi that should appeal to anyone who wants try some Japanese cuisine but doesn't want to find any bits of fish lurking in it.

4. Aburi Sushi - Standing Sushi Bar

The Standing Sushi Bar is a popular option for trying out from many different types of sushi. While the majority of the dishes include some sort of fish, there are also a few different things you might want to try even if aren't keen on eating fish. Among these, you will find some tasty Aburi Sushi such as the Foie Gras with Sesame Dressing. Another fish-free option in this section of the menu is called Wagyu Beef with Ponzu & Chilli.

5. Vegetable Rolls - Sushi Yonpachi

There is a vast selection of Japanese dishes on offer at Sushi Yonpachi. One of the top non-fish options on the menu is the Vegetable Roll meal that comes in four pieces. This is a great option if you are going to dine with friends who enjoy eating fish but you would prefer to eat something else. After all, Singapore has some of the best sushi dishes in the world and you don't want you and your friends to miss out on this opportunity.

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