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5 Wickedly Indulgent Breakfasts for a Sunday Morning in Singapore

Easy like Sunday morning - 5 wickedly indulgent breakfasts

Is there a greater feeling than that of enjoying an indulgent breakfast on a Sunday morning? When you look out at the view across Singapore knowing you have the whole day free then there is just one thing missing; a brilliant breakfast takeaway that makes you feel ready to take advantage of the day's possibilities. By choosing your first meal of the day wisely then you will be full of energy and feeling great.

1. Muffins and Croissants - Costa Coffee

If you love nothing better than to start your day a steaming cup of coffee then you are probably already aware of the incredible range of drinks available at Costa Coffee. However, what you might not realise is that they also have a selection of tasty muffins and croissants to light up your Sunday morning. With Blueberry Muffins, Banana Caramel Muffins and Almond Croissants among their breakfast pastries, there is something here to satisfy every craving. There's even a Green Tea Croissant! Of course, choosing the right coffee to wash it down with will ensure that it is even more of a breakfast to remember.

2. Dapper Granola - Dapper Coffee

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The all-day grub section of the menu at Dapper Coffee gives you some tremendous breakfast choices. From the healthy Green & Lean option to the calorie-packed #Gains, you can expect to get your Sunday morning started perfectly when you order from here. A classic from their menu is the Dapper Granola, which brings you homemade granola, honey, cinnamon, yogurt and fresh berries. This makes it a healthy yet luxurious way to greet the world on the best day of the week.

3. Dumplings - Kimly Dim Sum

The popular Kimly Dim Sum restaurant has an extensive menu that is packed with great food. It delivers at breakfast time and chief among its delights is a range of tasty dumplings. With the likes of Fried Yam Dumpling, Chive Dumpling and Scallop Dumping, there is a rich choice that lets you make the most of your Sunday morning with some terrific Asian food.

4. Breakfast Bundle - SaladStop!

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Choosing a Breakfast Bundle from SaladStop is a fine way of getting a quality breakfast delivery very easily. At the time of writing there are three different options: Ham and Cheese Breakfast Wrap, BLT Breakfast Wrap or Vege Breakfast Wrap. Each comes with Greek Yoghurt and is sure to light up your weekend. Don't run the risk of your weekend turning into a bit of a let-down when it is so easy to make a terrific choice like this. Of course, the other option is to wait for brunch while building up a bigger appetite.

5. Caramelised Banana Bread - Dome Café

The Dome Café makes the switch from their breakfast menu to their full menu at 11 am. Before this time, you can order Caramelised Banana Bread or a Ham & Cheese Toastie. The banana bread is particularly inviting, as it is served with fresh bananas and gives you a fabulous start to any day. Naturally, there is a range of coffees, teas and cold beverages that you can order together with this Sunday morning treat.

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