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  2. Sundae satisfaction! The best ice cream Singapore has to offer
Sundae Satisfaction! The Best Ice Cream Singapore Has to Offer

Sundae satisfaction! The best ice cream Singapore has to offer

Ok, let's not mess around. Winter might be here but that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on some of Singapore's most delicious ice-cream! Chocolaty goodness, warm vanilla essence, and almost any other flavour of ice cream you can imagine drizzled with a rainbow of syrups, sprinkles, and even candy toppings - these sundaes will put a smile on anyone's face no matter what season it is! You definitely need to take a look at some of Singapore's tastiest treats ready to arrive at your front door!

1. Cookie Dough Drizzle - Marble Slab

Marble Slab is the first in line to deliver some of the best frozen treats across Singapore with their out-of-this-world ice cream Sundaes. With over 75 flavours of homemade (yes, homemade) ice-cream, it comes as no surprise that the fun never ends at Marble Slab. Fan favourites like "The Unicorn" and "Willy Wonka" are garnished with everything from gummy bears to hot chocolate fudge. Presenting the Cookie Dough Drizzle as Marble Slab's starred gem, this monstrous sundae is the essence of childhood favourites all in one. Two large scoops of delicious house-made birthday cake ice cream are topped with thick chunks of cookie dough, crumbled Oreos, and slathered, without complaint, in their heavenly choco-fudge. No matter how much of a sweet tooth you think you have, Marble Slab will certainly satisfy it!

2. Triple Scoops in a Cup - New Zealand Natural

No matter what day of the week it is, when it comes to cool refreshing desserts, a sundae will always hit the spot. At New Zealand Natural, they pride themselves on serving only healthy, free-range dairy in their homemade ice-cream. Offering everyone's favourite classics like mango, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream, the real treat is the massive selection of toppings! A cranberry and raspberry fusion, white chocolate chips, and rainbow or chocolate rice are just some of the exciting toppings perfect for their option of three scoops served in a cup. Three generous scoops of intricately flavoured ice cream are sure to knock your socks off. And, it's all up to you with 14 flavours and 10 different toppings at your fingertips.

3.  Minty Mint - Ice Cream Chefs

When it comes to slab-mixed ice cream with a rainbow of toppings to choose from, Ice Cream Chefs have mastered the mix-n-match science! The Minty Mint is a refreshing and tingly ice-cream bombarded with fat chunks of mint-chocolate for double the fun! If you can't pick between the flavours, the Chef's Rock sundae gives you the option to pick up to five of your favourite ice-cream bases that will fuse together your choice of exciting mix-ins! When it comes to this magical land of sugar, spice, and everything nice, a world of sundaes is limited only by your imagination. M&M's on cheesecake? Done and dusted. Caramel drizzle and chocolate fudge? Yes, Please!

4. Irish Nut - Udders

Udders has become a hot-zone for dessert-lovers in Singapore. With their "life is great" vibe and quirky approach to liqueur combos, Udders is an essential must-try if you haven't already had the pleasure! Another reason to give these unique and modern Sundaes a try is that, without the use of eggs in any of their ice-cream recipes, all their flavours are vegetarian-friendly too! The house recommends the Irish Nut Sunday, and it's worth every calorie! This sundae features a variety of tastes, including Peanut Butter Crunch, Bourbon & Baileys, Baileys Irish Cream, crushed hazelnuts, choc-balls, Oreos, and almonds drenched in a caramel sauce to create a whirlwind of yumminess. Give yourself a much-needed treat and have any of these masterpieces delivered right to your door.

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