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  2. Story behind the dish: Jack Daniel’s BBQ chicken
Story Behind The Dish: Jack Daniel’s BBQ Chicken

Story behind the dish: Jack Daniel’s BBQ chicken

Dean Martin once sang 'I love Vegas like Sinatra loves Jack Daniel's.' But if Frank Sinatra had tried Jack Daniel's whiskey marinated in a BBQ sauce and smothered on chicken, we might have heard a slightly different song…

The smooth taste of Tennessee comes to Singapore in the form of grilled BBQ chicken coated in the rich hickory flavour of Jack Daniel's sauce. It's at Lincoln's Grill, which channels the deep south of the USA with a whole load of passion.

A smoking double act

First things first. Yes, Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce does count one of the most popular American whiskeys in the world among its ingredients. The amount of whiskey in the mix is small, but there is enough to infuse it all with the rich oakiness that made Jack's name famous.

Brushed, marinated, smoked, roasted or glazed, JD sauce coupled with grilled BBQ chicken is a perfect marriage. It's sweet and savoury, smoky and smooth and lends the dish a luxurious twist not easily found.

Patience is a virtue

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JD whiskey in BBQ form is a fairly new development on the foodie scene, considering the whiskey has been honed since 1866.

There's a whole load of tiny details that make JD the greatness that it is, and the greatness that adds a whole new dimension to BBQ chicken. Pure limestone spring water from a two-mile deep cave gives this nectar a pure, clean, crispness. A delicate mix of corn, barley and rye adds to flavour. A painstaking drop-by-drop distilment gives its trademark smoothness. American White Oak barrels bestow maturity and colour.

Finally, no time frame could be put on the whiskey's ageing process. Instead, its readiness is determined by two things – patience and taste. Luckily that's all done before it's smothered onto your chicken, so all you have to do is order away and tuck in.

Glazed goodness

Lincoln's Grill serves up juicy chicken thighs and chops, marinated in the JD Tennessee whiskey sauce and barbecued to caramelised perfection.

The BBQ marinade is infused with the oaky, mellow flavours from the perfected whiskey production. But there's even more to it, with a pot of other flavours brought out like fruity raisin, sour lemon, sweet orange, zesty onion and caramel honey. BBQ in Singapore never tasted so good. You couldn't hope for better in Nashville itself.

Bring the taste of Tennessee home by ordering Jack Daniel's BBQ Chicken from Lincoln's Grill here on Deliveroo.

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