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Story Behind The Dish: Noodle Soup

The story behind the dish: noodle soup

Few dishes have had as many culinary transformations as the beloved noodle soup. A clear Asian favourite and popular across the continent, this light soup swimming with noodles has a different version wherever you look. If you're looking for the Vietnamese take on noodle soup, then Mrs Pho House is the place to be.

The original Southeast Asian speciality

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Noodle soup is an Asian classic, as rich as the number of recipes there are to make it. No two dishes will taste the same. Originally a Southeast Asian street food, it's different in every country – so while it might have the same two core ingredients, the noodle soup served up in Cambodia is a world away from soups ladled into bowls in China.

Take the kalguksu of Korea with its wheat noodles and seafood-style broth, and compare it to Japanese ramen with its soba noodles and signature toppings. Both dishes look different in texture and colour, and their tastes follow suit too. Then there's Vietnam's pho. White rice noodles are served in a clear broth like those found on the Mrs Pho House's menu, and garnished with everything from Thai basil and torn mint leaves to thin slices of fiery chilli and lime wedges.

The multitude of noodles soups out there may each have their own name, ingredients and cooking style, but they all have one thing in common – they're always all-out phenomenal.  

Dressed up as you dare

But isn't that the beauty of the noodle soup dish? Wherever you eat it, whatever the style of cuisine, you're hit with a humbling taste every single time. It's comfort food in its simplest form. And noodle soup has stemmed from the need of wholesome, filling food that's nutritious and re-assuring. Let's face it, it's like a hug in a bowl.

In Myanmar, noodle soup is even their national dish. Called mohinga, the rice noodles dressed in a light but spicy seafood sauce put a hot spin on the staple. And in the Philippines, egg noodles are used for a heartier finish. Their batchoy even adds portions of pork, and is topped with a raw egg for extra protein.

Broth with bite and endless options

To create that warming hearty finish, noodle soup is created using one cooking method. Broth, meat or fish, and vegetables are boiled and left to simmer in one pan. Then, noodles are added to finish. Both easy and convenient, it's easy to see why noodle soup quickly became a staple in so many Asian cuisines.

But that doesn't mean it's easy to make – especially when you're dealing with pho. Proper pho broth is complex and full of character, made with plenty of subtle spices and carefully balanced herbs. Mrs Pho House makes sure noodle soup is the main event here – just choose from thinly sliced beef, tender beef brisket, succulent chicken or seafood options served up in their signature, complicated soups.


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