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  2. Spinach sensation – four healthy dishes to boost your body  
Spinach Sensation – 4 Health Dishes to Boost Your Body

Spinach sensation – four healthy dishes to boost your body  

Whether you're under the weather, over the moon or simply working your way through the week-long grind, it's important to take care of your health. A big part of that is a balanced diet - how and what you eat can have a huge effect on your daily wellbeing.

So sit down, grab your workbook and take note - here at Deliveroo we've put together a list of four of Singapore's tastiest and healthiest dishes, ready and primed to positively blow your socks off. This time we're zooming in on superfoods and spinach - a plump green leaf with a whole lot to offer: niacin, zinc, protein, fibre and iron. Whatever your body needs, spinach has. From raw pizza to an iron salad that'll treat your gut right, there's plenty here for everyone, carnivores and herbivores alike.  

1. Raw Pizza - Afterglow, Chinatown

Vegan, veggie, nutrition supreme. It might not be exactly the pizza you know and love but it's definitely the healthier alternative. An original spin on a classic favourite, the chefs down at Afterglow in Chinatown have cooked up a storm in the form of this dehydrated almond crust and basil cashew spread. And the star of the show? Why, it's spinach, of course. Enjoy seasonal vegetables, pineapple and wakame, honey onion and tomato in what can only be described as a detox blast in every bite. Your body will be chowing on so many vegetables it won't know what to do with them.

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2. The Iron 'Wo' Man Salad - Saladstop! Clarke Quay  

Fibre. Unloved and often left behind on the scale of vitamins and minerals, this hearty stuff is the key to keeping your stomach and gut in tip-top condition. An easy way to get enough of it? Whole nuts and plenty of skin on veg. An easy way to get plenty of those? The Iron 'Wo' Man Salad at Saladstop! Clarke Quay. Their baby spinach is top of the pack - and top of the restaurant: This superfood is all over their menu. High in zinc, vitamins, and of course fibre, it sets the stage on which the other ingredients come together: golden roast pumpkin, feta cheese, toasted almonds and a raspberry vinaigrette. Be kind to your gut - and your mouth. Grab a dish.  

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3. Portobello Road All Day Breakfast - Wild Honey, Orchard

Brunch, lunch, dinner or hangover cure - an all day breakfast is a filling treat for any occasion. Less into oily fry-ups and more into your body as temple, however? No problem at all. Wild Honey has got you covered. Their Portobello Road concoction will cure all your ills - we're talking poached eggs, an onion and pepper confit and a layer of wilted spinach on whole wheat brioche. True luxury by the mouthful.

One of our very favourite vegetarian breakfast dishes - Portobello Road.

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4. Popeye's Salute - Hatched, Coronation Drive

The spinach icon himself adorns our final dish. Popeye's Salute from the guys and gals at Hatched sees creamy spinach and mornay sauce with a side of poached eggs. Simple, elegant, delicious. If you're feeling light and frisky, if you want a little extra energy, some nutrition in your life, then look no farther. A great dish to round off a great list.  

A little low on fuel? Lacking in the vegetable department of late? Order these yummy, healthy spinach dishes direct to your door with Deliveroo.  

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