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  2. Spicy movie nights and nacho dreams in the heart of Singapore
Spicy Nachos And Mexican Dishes In Singapore

Spicy movie nights and nacho dreams in the heart of Singapore

Regardless of the occasion, no Mexican meal is quite complete without everyone's favourite cheesy, spicy, crunchy platter: nachos! Crispy toasted nachos drenched in hot oozing cheese and a list of toppings and dips to pick and choose from, this hearty snack is deemed irresistible, even to the fussiest of eaters. With some of Singapore's best Mexican restaurants featuring the tastiest nacho combos in town, you'll never be left with a lack of authenticity and flavour! Make sure to spice up your week with our guide to the best nacho platters and toppings Mexican cuisine has to offer.

1. Los Jefes

Los Jefes, translates roughly to 'the chief' in Spanish and offers locals some fabulously authentic Mexican favourites that'll satisfy your craving for spicy, exotic and wholesome food. Known for their traditionally seasoned tacos packed to the brim with a variety of authentic ingredients from Baja fish to roasted pork Carnitas, the flavours at Los Jefes are to die for.

Keeping in line with the main star of the show, their Poblano Pepper Nacho Pancho is as big as it is delicious, filled with a heap of crunchy tortilla chips topped with caramelised onions, large strips of succulent Poblano peppers and sweet corn, making this the ultimate sharing platter to enjoy with family and friends. Bring the party to your living room and enjoy this tasty treat any day of the week for an all-around authentic Mexican experience.

2. Muchachos

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The Super Nachos served at Muchachos takes pride in catering to everyone's desire to indulge in the heavenly flavours their nachos are renowned for. Prepared with the freshest picks of daily ingredients, these tasty tortilla chips are drenched in chilli con carne, melted cheese, guacamole (of course) and a sweet and spicy salsa to top it all off, making it the perfect dish to share with friends or devour all by yourself. With other great items on the menu like fresh salad bowls and quesadillas, be sure to try out these fun and exciting combinations prepared on demand at Muchachos.

3. Mex Out

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Whether you've just had a great night out on the town and need to replenish, or simply find yourself at the mercy of some cheesy cravings, Mex Out is there to save the day every time! Proudly serving their popular nachos in tin buckets, their homemade tortilla chips are stacked to the brim and come with your choice of black or pinto beans. Creamy guacamole, heaps of cheese and zesty salsa top it all off for the ultimate nacho feast. This nacho platter is guaranteed to have you munching down right to the final chip!

4. Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez truly has a passion for using fresh and healthy ingredients every day to create their fun and flavourful Mexican menu. Try out their mini burritos for a quick and nutritious snack on-the-go, or turn your attention to the very juicy variety of burrito bowls that will have you sizzling in a spicy paradise down to the last bite.

When it comes to nacho platters, Guzman Y Gomez take things to the next level. Serving every platter drenched in melted jack cheese, vegetarian black beans and your choice of wild and exciting toppings like spicy grilled steak, pan seared barramundi or even a spicy roasted pork topping ensures a fiesta experience with a crunch.

If you're ready to dig into any of these tasty nacho platters, Deliveroo is here to help!

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