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Singapore Best Curry Laksa

Slurp that soup: some of Singapore’s best curry laksa

Spicy, fragrant and rich, filled with bouncy noodles and all sorts of seafood, laksa is in a league of its own. With so much going on, it's the ultimate meal in a bowl.

Nobody can agree where laksa comes from, but it's become something of a national dish. From hawker stands to fine dining, you can get laksa everywhere. Here's some of our favourite spots.

1. Peranakan Laksa, Owl Café

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Singapore's National Gallery might be shiny and new, but its cafe has already won fans for its deft handling of traditional local favourites, and laksa is among them.

Their soup is a rich orange broth that hides a tangle of noodles in its depths, with a delicate balance between a coconut creaminess and spicy chilli. All this is topped off with fresh prawns, a hard-boiled egg and chunks of fried tofu, spruced with a sprinkle of fresh herbs. Turns out the art isn't the only masterpiece at the gallery.

Where: Owl Café, Raffles Place

2. Laksa Supreme, Rocky Master

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Rocky Master's menu takes some big leaps around the world – offering everything from club sandwiches to quesadillas to mee siam. We're big fans of their potent versions of Singaporean classics, and their laksa is certainly one of them.

The broth is a heady blend of spices and creamy coconut milk, with a blast of sambal chilli. All this is packed in with juicy prawns, quails' eggs, and puffs of fried tofu that soak up the hearty sauce. They call it Laksa Supreme for a reason.

Where: Rocky Master, Orchard

3. Penang Assam Laksa, Penang Culture

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Not all laksas are rich and imbued with coconut. Spicy and pungent, Penang laksa is a different beast entirely, and it has quite a kick to it. It's a hot and sour soup with fish at its base, and a twang from generous use of tamarind.

Penang Culture specially import the noodles for their soup, topping the dish off with tender shreds of fish, slices of omelette, a heaped portion of vegetables and an added traditional spoonful of heh ko. Enjoy a taste of Malaysia without having to leave your front door.

Where: Penang Culture, Causeway Point


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