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Come rain or shine: 5 solid breakfast choices for rainy days

You know how it is on rainy days  – you'd give anything not to have to venture outside. So instead of shaking out that umbrella, why not have food delivered straight to you? Get breakfast brought to your door and enjoy it cosied up in bed, waiting for the clouds to part. We've rounded up some of the best cafes in town that promise to be your ray of sunshine in the morning.

1. Jewel Coffee

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Jewel Coffee kill it when it comes to serving a coffee and croissant combination. But don't let the coffee house stigma fool you – there's a lot more on offer than pastry and a brew. Their breakfast menu boasts wholesome favourites like an English muffin topped with bacon and egg, or the yoghurt pot with a portion of homemade granola as a garnish.

Where: Jewel Coffee, five locations

2. Kraftwich By Swissbake

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Serving up all day breakfast options that satisfy either your sweet tooth or your inner health nut, Kraftwich By Swissbake are a simple choice. Perfect pastries like the butter croissant make for an ideal weekend treat, fruit-filled or chocolate-topped muffins are great for brunch and the muesli or granola leave you feeling guilt-free.

Where: Kraftwich By Swissbake, nine locations

3. Marché Mövenpick

A fried breakfast is a classic for a reason, and they serve it up with style at here. Their Marché Ultimate Breakfast is a thing of beauty, serving up three pieces of crispy bacon with chicken sausages, sautéed mushrooms and scrambled eggs, met with bread, butter and jam for an extra dose of continental spirit. This is sure to start your day off with a bang.

Where: Marché Mövenpick, six locations

4. Cedele Bakery Café

For times when a traditional breakfast just won't do, there's always cake. And when it's one of those days, order from Cedele Bakery Café. With a signature slice of tangy salted caramel cheesecake, indulgent cookies and fluffy cakes on offer, it's hard to say no. And if you're more savoury than sweet, their selection of sandwiches give you the perfect excuse to turn breakfast into brunch.

Where: Cedele Bakery Café, 20 locations

5. Costa Coffee

If you can't get behind out-there breakfasts, Costa Coffee is the place for you. Sometimes you just can't beat a steaming mug and something sweet on the side. Worry not, traditionalists, Costa have you covered. With flaky croissants or classic fruit-packed blueberry muffins on the menu, something sweet and a coffee should be your go-to order. Or for something hot and hearty, their selection of toasties are sure to hit the spot.

Where: Costa Coffee, eight locations

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