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Check out Singapore’s Yummiest Fish Cakes

Singapore’s Yummiest Fish Cakes!

Fish cakes are delectable fillets of fish, vegetables, herbs, and more combined then fried to golden perfection. Often served with a zesty sauce and potatoes or a salad, these small patties are bursting with Asian-inspired flavours. You can find this treat all over Singapore in many variations as it is a local favourite for a light, delicious snack before your meal. With that said, our guide to Singapore's best fish cakes is here to help out!

1. Fish Cake Balls - Siam Society

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Siam Society is a Thai restaurant serving absolutely riveting, authentically-made Thai food. Fresh ingredients are used to ensure the best tastes from Thailand are served expertly to every customer. With their excellent menu that includes Thai comfort food ranging from curry to cuttlefish, their Fish Cake Balls, a common and favoured street food in Thailand, are tasty balls of fish blended with herbs and vegetables then rolled up and fried until they get that beloved golden flaky crust. These morsels packed with flavour ensure a juicy, savoury taste with each bite! If you're a fan of prawn, opt for their Prawn Cake Balls for a seafood-infused twist on this classic!

2. Laksa Aglio Olio - Flame Café

Presenting exciting meals with a pan-Asian fusion of great tastes, Flame Café serves homemade and wholesome Asian dishes from all corners of the globe! Teriyaki glazed chicken or a traditional Kaya toast are bound to get your tummy rumbling and even more eager for your meal to come. Their Thai fishcakes are so delicious that they decided to make a pasta dinner featuring them as their crown jewels! Laksa Aglio Olio is a pasta made with prawns, house-made fish cakes, and a spicy Laksa sauce that adds a bit of zing and an alluring, mesmerizing scent. These seaside flavours and ingredients are served on a bed of pasta, and voila!

3. Curried Fish Cakes - Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

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As you can probably guess from the name, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine serves exquisite and authentic dishes from Thailand. Through highly-skilled and traditional cooking techniques, Asian-inspired fusion meals are freshly cooked to perfection. It's pretty safe to say everything is an absolute must-try! The curried fish cakes make for the perfect starter before trying out one of Patara's many delectable dishes. The patties are golden-fried and accompanied with a homemade cucumber and carrot salsa to add a refreshing, summery vibe to each glorious bite. With an exotic touch of lasting flavours of curry, Patara makes itself known!

4. Petit Plats Fish Cakes - the Vintage Shophouse

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A French twist on more authentic goodness from Thailand is loaded up into medium-sized morsels just for diners of the Vintage Shophouse! Exceptionally delicious Thai recipes with Chef Recommendations that are bound to keep you ordering more is the experience to find at this lovely spot. Their Petit Plats (small plates) include Thai and some European-inspired favourites like truffle fries but the fish cakes are the starter to shoot for! Fresh white fish with a tongue-tingling spicy paste, garnished with fresh lime leaves and served with their sweet chili dip for a scrumptiously sweet addition, this is one fishcake you don't want to miss!

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