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  2. Find Your Side! Trendy Picks from Truffle Fries to Popcorn Chicken
Side Dish? Delish! From Truffle Fries to Popcorn Chicken  

Find Your Side! Trendy Picks from Truffle Fries to Popcorn Chicken

Behind every great main is a great side dish backing it up. What's a burger without garnish? What's a round of drinks without a bite or two to nibble on? American cuisine is all about that three-part meal – meat, carbs and veg – and each part is just as scrumptious as the last. No one knows that better than the folks here at Deliveroo – that's why we've rustled up four of favourite add-ons for you to enjoy. We've got crisped truffle fries, we've got chicken, we've got sweet and we've got salty. So pick your order and get stuck in! First, second and third orders await. It's chow time.      

1. Truffle Fries - Jerry's Barbecue and Grill  

Prime potato cuts with a crisp outer shell: the Truffle Fries appetiser from Jerry's Barbecue and Grill is the perfect accompaniment to any filling dish. With a menu full of beef and protein, a little softness on the side goes a long way towards balancing out your plate. Whether you like to eat your fries one at a time with dignity or shovel handfuls into your gullet, order a set of these seasoned beauties next time you're in town. Salted, seared and drizzled with truffle. Pure bliss. And if mushrooms aren't your thing? We'd certainly encourage you to get stuck into their sharing platter, even if it's just to sample their famous jalapeno poppers. And the slaw that comes with the burgers? Well, it's something else.

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2. Bloomin' Pickle Fries - Outback Steakhouse

Planning a family gathering any time soon? Got a hot date set on the agenda? Good food is all about taste, that's for sure, and there's plenty of that here - but presentation can be equally as important. The Bloomin' Pickle Fries from Outback Steakhouse are testament enough to that. Planted in a petal array for aesthetic easy access, these chips come drizzled with flavour. Sweet chilli and fried pickles adorn each branch and a circular arrangement makes this dish perfect for sharing.  

3. Crispy Chicken Popcorn - Fusion Western

Chicken breast, diced and sliced, coated and battered, then formed into perfect golden balls. The Crispy Chicken Popcorn side at Fusion Western is a wonder to behold. Each piece is perfectly tender, each coating breaks with a brittle crunch. These mouthfuls of wonderfully seasoned, bite-sized meat go great as a sharing course, an appetiser or a snack. So whatever the occasion, they're ready and waiting to serve.  

4. Cube Striploin - SQUE Kitchen and Alehouse

Nothing quite says carnivore like chunks of filling steak roasted on cast iron. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to feed yourself a striploin in between sips of craftsman ale, wonder no more! SQUE Kitchen and Alehouse have all the answers you'll ever need. Smoky, meaty, juicy. A plate of sliced meat might be a simple side, but it's certainly one of the best.

Craving a plate or two of carbohydrates? Need some truffle fries in your life? Order top sides direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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