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  2. Savour the Flavour of a Traditional Singaporean Breakfast
Savour the Flavour of a Traditional Singaporean Breakfast

Savour the Flavour of a Traditional Singaporean Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal served in many different styles in Singapore. Whether you like something sweet or something savoury, if you like a light bite or a full-on meal, there are all kinds of choices available. Of course, as well as all the traditional Singaporean breakfast dishes you'll find served around the city, given its cosmopolitan nature, many of Singapore's eateries have plenty of international cuisine breakfast choices on their menus, too. With most of the traditional Singaporean breakfasts, though they're often consumed in the morning, they're equally suitable for a snack at another time of the day. Here, we've rounded up some of the customary breakfasts that many Singaporeans start their day with.

1.Kaya Toast

Of all the Singaporean breakfasts to choose from, one that you have to try at least once is kaya toast. Of all the different choices available, this is probably considered to be the national breakfast dish. It's bread that's toasted, spread with butter and kaya. Kaya is a jam that's made from eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves. Pandan tastes a bit like vanilla and gives the kaya toast a mellow, rounded flavour. Try AlibabaR The Hawker Bar's Traditional kaya-butter Toast Set breakfast.

Often served with black coffee or hot tea, kaya toast goes well with one of Singapore's other traditional breakfast foods; soft-cooked eggs.

2.Soft-Cooked Eggs

For anyone who doesn't like a runny egg-white, then soft-cooked eggs are probably not the right choice. With this dish, the eggs are cooked a little so that they're opaque, but they're still creamy and very soft in texture. The yolks, of course, are runny.

Served at many kopitiams (coffee houses) around the city, soft-cooked eggs are seasoned to taste at the table, with dark soy and white pepper. Kaya toast works well to soak up all the egg that's left on the plate.

3.Carrot Cake

Singaporean carrot cake doesn't actually contain any carrot; it's made of radish cake, which you'll also find on many dim sum menus. In its breakfast form, the steamed daikon radish cake is cut into chunks and fried, and often served with an egg. This is "light" carrot cake - the "dark" version is cooked with dark and sweet soy sauce which gives the dish a caramelised flavour.

4.Nasi Lemak

For those who like a really savoury breakfast, Nasi Lemak is a popular choice. It's a serving of rice, sometimes flavoured with pandan or coconut, accompanied by a mix of different condiments and relishes. These can include items such as peanuts, hard-boiled eggs, prawn sambal, anchovies and cucumbers. Five Loaves Singapore serves its Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing comes with a deep-fried chicken wing and an egg on top of the rice.

5.Fish Ball Mee

If you like a liquid-based breakfast, then Fish Ball Mee is perfect, as long as you like fish! It's a light broth that's served with noodles and a few fish balls floating on the top. Chilli paste adds a little heat. The fish balls have a slightly chewy texture and are a little sweet. Try Yammee Teochew Fishball Noodles' Traditional Teochew Fishball Minced Meat Noodles.

6.Lor Mee

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For those who don't like fish, then another traditional Singaporean soup-based breakfast is Lor Mee. This is a dish that contains braised noodles, often thick yellow ones, that are served with a thick gravy (thickened with egg or starch). On top of the noodles are slices of pork, deep fried yam or other kinds of fritters. There's often a hard-boiled egg in there too, along with minced garlic, chilli and a splash of black vinegar. Some Lor Mee dishes also contain fish, like the Speciality Fried Fish Lor Mee at the Penang Kitchen.

If reading about all these breakfast delicacies has set your tummy rumbling, find your favourite at Deliveroo.

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