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The 4 Best Burrito Fillings In Singapore  

Choose Your Dish – The Best Burrito Fillings In Town 

Mexican: spicy, savoury and bursting with flavour. With dozens of plates and recipes to choose from, this is one of Singapore's favourite cuisines and most loved collections of food. And what could be more Mexican than a burrito? Soft tortilla wrapped around fresh fillings – the flavour of a whole meal in every bite. From braised and marinated beef to beans, bacon and egg, here are four of the best ways to pack a punch the next time you treat your taste buds to the dish.  

1. Braised Beef and Smoked Salsa

An oldie but a goodie, a tried and true classic. Braised beef stands tall as a respectable choice for any burrito lover out there in the world. Fancy some right now? Mex Out can serve you up a lean beef filling that will leave you breathless - and very, very full. Their toasted tortilla will hold it together as beans, rice, cheese and salsa mix perfectly with rich red meat, dancing on your tongue. And it's not just any salsa - it's smoked red to give your bite that extra kick of flavour. This is a go-to filling for first-timers and veterans alike and for good reason.

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2. Barbacoa

Grilled, marinated, massaged and diced – barbacoa meats are meats at their best. Oozing with flavour, juicy and supple, they mix perfectly with the burrito philosophy: good flavours mix well. So why not try slow cooked local pork the next time you order in or step up to the counter? Guzman y Gomez have got you covered. Their chicken comes delicately wrapped alongside all the usual suspects including Monterey jack cheese as a delicious, sticky coolant. They even have naked burrito bowls if you're trying to cut back on the calories - lose the tortilla rather than your diet progress, so to speak. Everyone's a winner, and everyone gets a burrito.  

3. Vegetarian Wonder

Not one for the carnivore lifestyle? No problem. Swap out beef for beans and load your burrito with a layer of freshly cooked peppers, onions and vegetables galore. Senor Taco are experts on the subject - they'll wrap those veggies up good and proper to be enjoyed by any self-respecting burrito connoisseur. Just because it's doesn't have meat doesn't mean it can't be delicious.  

4. Breakfast

That's right, you heard us. Breakfast. Sausage, egg, bacon, cheese and hash browns all topped off with a dash of sour cream and homemade salsa verde. This is a delicious spin on an already mouthwatering dish, a real filler to get you through the day. Muchachos can serve you up an entire fried meal in one warm tortilla - add or leave ketchup as required to be delivered right into a hungry stomach. Up for something more savoury? Their menu carries seafood, steak and chicken alike, easily washed down by a sweet soda Jarritos. At Muchachos, there's always plenty to choose from.  

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