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The Very Best Light Thai Starters in Singapore

Feeling like a light bite that packs a punch? Try a tasty Thai snack in Singapore today

Thai dishes are typically light, easy to share and bursting with flavour. The people of Thailand eat in the same way they go about everyday life – in a relaxing way. Food typically arrives whenever it is ready, and there is no need to wait for others before tucking in. In fact, most dishes are shared between friends at the table anyway, and eating is a much-cherished social event.

Because the food is so perfect for just picking away at, it's well-suited to people with smaller appetites. Thai food is known for incorporating all the flavour groups, and there are plenty of awesome Thai restaurants in Singapore serving up awesome flavour-filled authentic dishes.

1. Chicken Satay

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Chicken satay is a hugely popular Thai dish among westerners because it is an uncomplicated dish suited to almost everyone's palate. This is because the dish is not too spicy, but still features a complex array of sumptuous flavours. The key to chicken satay is the rich peanut-based dipping sauce, which goes magnificently well with the thinly sliced and grilled chicken skewers. This splendid snack can be found at Suanthai, where it is listed as "satay gai" and comes in a set of six pieces. The go-to Thai light bite.

2. Grilled Pork Collar

Grilled pork collar is a regular light bite that can be found on the menu of nearly every restaurant in Thailand, that's how popular it is. And there's a good reason why this dish is so liked, it's absolutely packed full of intense and robust flavours. The pork neck is first marinated in a dry rub which features sugar and other seasonings, allowing the outside of the meat to caramelise on the grill. It then comes sliced into manageable pieces which can be picked up with a fork and dipped into the sweet, sour, spicy soy sauce-based side dip. This amazing dish can be found at Om Nom Taste of Thai, which features a wide range of Thai favourites.

3. Larb Tod

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One of the most popular dishes from north-eastern Thailand is larb, which consists of minced meat mixed with a complex combination of herbs and spices which include fresh mint, lemongrass, garlic, and chilli. Larb tod is an extension of this dish, where the minced meat is formed into small balls and then deep-fried until crispy. This makes it the quintessential Thai dish for enjoying as a light bite, as you can just grab one or two from a plate while sharing with others. Trust us when we say, though, that you will definitely not be able to stop at one or two of these delicious balls. Larb tod can be found at Thai Express, which is also renowned for its basil chicken and rice set.

4. Crispy Fried Prawn Cakes

The crispy fried prawn fishcakes at Siam Secret are a heavenly treat for seafood fans. On the menu, they are listed in Thai as "tod mun kung" and they feature perfectly seasoned prawn meat shaped into doughnut rings and covered in a light, crunchy batter. As with all Thai fishcakes, they come accompanied with the famous Thai sweet chilli sauce, which is just the right amount of sweet and spicy. These fishcakes can be shared with friends, or eaten as a light meal for people with smaller appetites. The menu also contains a sharing platter which includes other starters such as spring rolls and pandan chicken.

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