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4 Sumptuous Strawberry Desserts Available In Singapore

Sweet Tooth Craving? Strawberry Shortcake Singapore Awaits

Molten hot, ice cold or as part of a red velvet mix, the humble strawberry plays its roll as ingredient, garnish and flavour. If you're in the mood for dessert, if you've got a sweet tooth aching for relief, well have we got just the thing for you. Singapore is full of sugar treats and yummy eats, but none are so red and fruity as the four strawberry bites below. Whether you're a veteran of the taste or a long time avoider in need of some convincing, grab your silver spoon and pull up a chair. Heck, dig in with your fingers. Here at Deliveroo we're never one to judge. Instead, we focus on the food. Gooey, creamy, original. It's time to find out what all the fuss is about. And boy, is it gonna be a good one!

1.  Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcake from The White Ombre

Anyone hungry? The Earl Grey Strawberry Shortcake from the delicate baking hands of The White Ombre tastes just as good as it looks – which means it tastes absolutely fantastic. Made with fresh fruit, puffed cream and sprinkled in pastry flakes, this is one soft bite that can be enjoyed as a whole eight inch round or by the slice. There's a reason this one is the Ombre bestseller!  

2.  Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream at The Daily Scoop

Rippled, creamed and embedded in ice – another round of strawberry shortcake, this time from the cones and tubs of The Daily Scoop. This dish is richer and deeper than most strawberry ice creams you might be used to, with an authentic flavour beneath it all that makes every lick and nibble a heaven to behold.

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3. Baked Strawberry Soufflé by Flor Patisserie

Soufflé: notoriously hard to get right, incredible when baked to its full potential. If you're in the market for a slice or two, if you've got a strawberry itch you need to scratch, come on down to Flor Patisserie. Their expert chefs and bakers will always deliver exactly what you're craving. Example number one: the Strawberry Edition Soufflé. This dessert is a gentle fusion of flavours – both sweet and tangy, full and light. Get it fresh, get it forked, get it eaten. Delicious.  

4. Strawberry Passion Ice Cream Cake from Cold Stone

Pink, thick and light as a feather. The Strawberry Passion cake from Cold Stone is a delicate assembly, one of red velvet, plump filling and fresh cut strawberry. Not quite a cake and not quite an ice cream, it's a hybrid dessert that ticks all boxes. Get ready for brain freeze – it tastes so good you won't be able to slow down!

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Have we convinced you yet? With these rich and creamy delights on offer, it's a wonder you're still reading! These salivating strawberry dishes are all up for grabs, so get your fix of shortcake and sink into sumptuous sweet heaven.

In need of a sugar transfusion? Got a craving you just can't ignore? Order dessert direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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