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4 Sumptuous Steak Cuts In Singapore

Get Beefy With It! Four Unique Singapore Steaks  

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can take a classic recipe and add a little twist – and that's exactly the case with these four sirloins. From a basting of avocado butter to a sprinkle of cinnamon pecan, the chefs, cooks and kitchen minds of Singapore have been busy inventing around an all time favourite: the US steak and fries. So indulge your curiosity, load up on protein. With a base of high quality beef cooked to your liking and the genius of the finest steakhouses in town, these Singapore steaks are bound to knock your socks off and fill you up while they're at it. Mmph. Searingly good.

1. Sirloin Steak Caesar Salad from Jack's Place

The Caesar salad: world famous, delicious. Romaine lettuce and croutons are drizzled in lemon juice, parmesan and black pepper are sprinkled amidst the leaves and a light touch of garlic and Worcestershire sauce round out the taste. There's a reason this is one of the most popular salads in the world. Know what makes it even better, though? Steak. The cooks at Jack's Place combine the two in a stroke of genius, resulting in a dish that's perfect for any meat-hungry carnivore looking to stay slim with dinner.  

2. Charcoal Grilled Butter Steak at Stirling Bar and Grill

A unique dish doesn't have to mean drastic changes. The Charcoal Grilled sirloin at Stirling Bar and Grill comes in a range of weights and sizes as per your appetite, with avocado butter basted and drizzled round the meat. Forget peppercorn sauce. This is a simple topping that makes for a succulently juicy piece of beef, inside and out, enhancing natural flavours and crisping up the fat.  

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3. Steakhouse Salad by Outback Steakhouse  

Another salad, another combo of delicate ingredients. The Steakhouse Salad by Outback Steakhouse is a fusion of fresh green crunch and the juice of a fresh cut sirloin. Plump red tomato, red onions and cinnamon roast pecans provide a texture base, whilst the beef itself makes up the core of the meal. Each of these dishes is a steak with a twist, and this one is no exception. At times both lively and brittle, salty and sweet, your tongue will savour every minute of it.  

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4. The Nice to Meat You Platter from Hungry Heroes

Good food is meant to be shared! So says the Nice to Meat You Platter from the Hungry Heroes kitchen. If you're on a hunter-gatherer mission with two or three friends, get online and order up. Your bellies will be full of cooked through meat before you know it: the addition to this steak is more steak, BBQ pork ribs, sous vide chicken and a rack of pulled pork. Meat and meat. This proper nosh will to make you feel like superheroes so don't forget to bring your cape – you might need it for a napkin.

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