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  2. You Don't Need To Grill Us To Get The Down Low On Singapore's Mightiest Meat
Singapore's Mightiest Meat Straight from the Grill on Deliveroo

You Don't Need To Grill Us To Get The Down Low On Singapore's Mightiest Meat

Everyone loves meat, right? Well, everyone except vegetarians – they might want to look away. But if you're as carnivorous as they come, you'll be pleased to know there's an array of omni-options to choose from on Deliveroo. Of course, the scope here is massive. From the grills of Lebanese takeaways, to steaks Texas-inspired that are honestly about the size of your head. Steak, ribs, mixed grills, you name it – these mega-meaty mains are as mighty as they get!

1. Tabbouleh – Mixed Grill

It's hard to narrow it down when there are simply so many meaty treats to choose from. With a Mixed Grill from Tabbouleh, you can thank your lucky stars that you don't have to. So what's on the table here then? You get a combination of lamb koftam, lahem meshwi skewers and shish chicken marinated to the perfect level of tenderness. If you can still manage it after all of that, you can even choose a side of rice or fries.

2. Gyromania – Meat Platter For 2

Again, no need to make choices at Gyromania. The Meat Platter For 2 literally lays it all out on a plate for you. Your dreams have all come true with lamb chops, Salonika beef and chicken soutzoukaki, with chicken gyro as well. Wow, that was a mouthful – and it will be for you, too. This is the perfect sharing platter for a quiet night in or for when you need energy by the bucket load. Of course, the number of people suggested to tackle the dish is only a guideline. Reckon you can manage it by yourself?

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3. Byblos Grill – Byblos Beef Steak

Let's face it, steak is always amazing. But when extra care has been taken to make it extra tender and flavourful, it's even better. Byblos Grill make sure to go to such effort and it pays off for their customers. There's nothing worse than a bland, basic and generally bad steak – which is why they ensure to marinate it in not one, not two, but seven different kinds of spices hailing from Lebanon. That's not all because they also throw garlic vinegar into the mix. Soak up the juices with a baked potato and fresh veggies and enjoy!

4. Meat Smith – 1kg Cowboy Steak

So, you think you're a real cowboy, huh? Well prove it. This 1kg Cowboy Steak from Meat Smith is as big as it comes – so do you have what it takes? If you're up for the challenge of champions, this steak is seriously worth every bite. There's quality as well as quantity because the meat is smoked, seasoned and lovingly cooked to perfection. Sure, it's indulgent. But isn't everything at its best?

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Deliveroo has so many meaty treats available for you to order, right to your door. So if you don't fancy cooking, you don't have to go out – or go without – the good stuff.

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