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  2. Singapore’s wildest and tastiest soups straight from the heart of Asia
The Wildest and Tastiest Asian Soups on Deliveroo Singapore

Singapore’s wildest and tastiest soups straight from the heart of Asia

Spicy and fiery Korean specialties, sweet and savoury Chinese favourites, and not to mention wholesome and truly satisfying Indian variations that really hit the spot... The very best Asian soups are right here in Singapore just waiting to be tasted!

Asian cuisine is notorious for being exciting, exotic and packed with flavour. With that in mind, we bring together some of the most exhilarating soup recipes from China, Seoul and beyond right to your home!

1. Korean Samgyetang - Seoul Yummy

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Whether it's a cold winter day and you're in need of some warmth that only soup can provide, or perhaps you're looking for a delicate yet authentic way to start off a well-deserved meal, soup is something you can always count on to hit the right spot. Since their first debut, Seoul Yummy has dedicated itself to delivering authentic Korean dishes, cooked with authenticity and nutrition in mind to exemplify the exciting and delicious tastes of Korea in every dish. Check out their Samgyetang, a unique soup prepared with tender chicken chick-full of a mixture of authentic Korean style rice, pine nuts, and red dates. These hearty ingredients are then simmered endlessly with ginseng to draw out an incredible merge of savoury flavours found only in the most authentic of Korean meals. Once ready to serve, this unique take on chicken soup boasts its aromatic flavours making it a nutritious and memorable dish you're bound to enjoy.

2. Pork Rib with Apple and Snow Pear Soup - Lao Huo Tang

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Soup is quite possibly the backbone of many cultures around the world, served to heal the sick, warm away your shivers, and tease the appetite. At Lao Huo Tang, traditional Chinese soup types known as "tonics" are prepared with relaxation and nourishment in mind, using only the freshest ingredients around. Specialising in fantastic soups, their Pork Rib with Apple and Snow Pear is just about as good as it sounds. Mixing the tartness of diced apples with the natural sweetness of snow pears and tender pork ribs makes for a refreshingly unique take on Chinese soup. Healthy and full of nutrition, Lao Huo Tang's soups are the perfect addition to any meal, served piping hot straight to your front door!

3. Double Boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken - Soup Restaurant

An absolutely exciting and unique broth to try is none other than the Double Boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken, proudly served at the aptly-named Soup Restaurant. Boiled twice over, this mix of dried scallops, fresh vegetables, the region's famous black chicken and authentic spices makes for a savoury Chinese soup with a kick. Their unique choice of nutritious ingredients like black chicken is known for being packed with immune boosting qualities that will pull you out of your slump with every slurp. Overall, this chicken soup makes the cut on our list of essential soups to try this season no matter where you are in town.

4. Tulang Merah - Prata Planet

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Consistently keeping tummies warm and content with exotic Indian recipes is the popular Prata Planet, showcasing everything from authentic tandoori to a rainbow of curries and much more. Their meticulous choice of ingredients and homemade-style preparation keeps every dish packed with flavour and hearty goodness. If you're on the lookout for a unique twist on the average bowl of soup, go ahead and try out their Tulang Merah, a piping hot and spicy red soup simmered with mutton bone marrow, pungent flavours of fresh ginger and garlic all bound together by a collection of authentic spices that will awaken your senses like no other. Whether you're stuck in the office or want the wonders of Indian aromas delivered to your door, Parata Planet is sure to satisfy right down to the last spoonful!

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