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  2. Liquor-laced Singapore desserts that will have you licking your lips
Singapore's Very Best Liquor-Laced Desserts

Liquor-laced Singapore desserts that will have you licking your lips

Booze isn't just for drinking, and it has proved to be a more than useful cooking ingredient in various recipes from different cuisines the world over. Perhaps where it excels the most is in puddings, where sweet liquors reign supreme and provide the perfect accompaniment to other key dessert ingredients such as mascarpone cheese and cinnamon.

Not only are boozy desserts absolutely delicious, they can also leave you feeling a bit giggly. Luckily, in Singapore, the residents have a passion for good puddings, and there are plenty of restaurants serving up decadent delights. So if you're looking for the ideal treat to end your meal, check out these dishes which are available for delivery in Singapore.

1. Champagne Truffles

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It doesn't get much more extravagant than champagne truffles, and these sweet bites are sure to get you and your friends tipsy at the end of the meal. Available at Asian fusion restaurant Teuscher on Stamford Road, customers can choose whether they have them made with milk or dark chocolate, or a combination of the two. The truffles are filled with prime Dom Perignon champagne and dusted with cocoa powder. 16 of these decadent treats can be purchased for just $68.

2. Tiramisu

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Tiramisu is one of the most famous and best-loved desserts on the planet, and the Italian classic is a flavour-packed, yet light way to finish off a stodgy meal. The translation means "pick me up" or "cheer me up" and the dish was invented in the 1960s in Veneto, Italy. It was initially made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee, but other iterations began using Marsala wine, Madeira, Tia Maria, and Kahlua. Nowadays, it is known for being one of the most popular liquor soaked sweets on the planet and can be picked up from many Italian restaurants in Singapore. We recommend trying the offering at PocoLoco, a restaurant that specialises in mouth-watering Italian cuisine.

3. Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

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Rum and raisin ice cream is an absolute classic which has been going strong for years. The flavour originated from Sicily in Italy, where they discovered that soaking the dry fruit in sweet rum created a perfect combination of flavours, which were watered down slightly with the cold creaminess of the ice cream. For those seeking a boozy pudding, it doesn't get much better than rum and raisin ice cream, which can be picked up at Scoop Therapy and is one of the most popular options on the menu.

4. Tip of the Iceberg

If you feel like a change from the well-known desserts on this list, why don't you try this completely original concoction at The Garden Slug? The Tip of the Iceberg features a slow-churned vanilla gelato affogato, afloat in a smooth espresso martini soup which is made up of vodka and Kahlua. This is a truly sumptuous way to round-off your meal at this excellent Western-style restaurant, which also features delightful cookie crumbles and sea salt cookies.

Don't forget to try all these dishes and more, which can be delivered directly to your door with Deliveroo!

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