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  2. From Pizza to Fish in a Bag: Singapore's Finest Italian Restaurants
From Pizza to Fish in a Bag: Singapore's Finest Italian Restaurants

From Pizza to Fish in a Bag: Singapore's Finest Italian Restaurants

Singapore is fast becoming one of the hottest places on the planet for multicultural, international cuisine, and it has some of the best offerings from countries all over the world. There are a number of hot Italian joints that are making waves in the country right now, and we think you simply must check them out.

1.Jamie's Italian

Jamie Oliver is like the culinary equivalent of Julius Caesar, conquering the world with cool, hip, and stylish restaurants that serve absolutely awesome food. The Naked Chef is now grasping a strong hold on the Asian market, and his Singapore venue is already hugely popular. The restaurant serves a dish that has become synonymous with Jamie and is now one of the Essex lad's all-time favourites that anyone can recreate in their own kitchen. It is, of course, Fish in a Bag, which is so simple to make for something that is so mouth-wateringly delicious. It is basically two fillets of fish swimming in a white wine sauce, mixed with aromatic herbs and some fresh vegetables. You can either cook it today, get down to the actual restaurant, or order something to eat in.


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This casual pizzeria and grill at Robertson Quay is a "gastronomical tribute to the alluring Amalfi Coast" according to some of the hottest food guides in the country. It has all the classic Italian favourites on the menu, which are done superbly well, but then there are also some unique treats that are hard to come by in your average establishment. For instance, they have a succulent, Wagyu prime tomahawk steak from Australia, which is delicately seasoned and cooked to perfection. They also have a sensational seafood mixed grill that includes a fresh half Boston lobster.

3.Al Forno

Al Forno has been around for a while, since 1995 to be exact, and, understandably, it knows what it's doing. It was the first Italian restaurant in Singapore to import fresh ingredients from Italy, such as juicy tomatoes and ripe cheeses. These authentic flavours mean that the bold gastronomic style of the European country can be replicated, even thousands of miles away. Some people think that this venue based on the East Coast has the best pizzas in all of Singapore. The Pizza Al Forno and the Pizza Saporita are two standout options.

4.Motorino's Pizzeria

Motorino's Pizza started in New York but has expanded to many different locations worldwide. This is because the pizzas are regarded as some of the best in the Big Apple, and people just can't get enough on the company's excellent American twist on the Italian classic. The Singapore branch is located at Clarke Quay, and regular visitors recommend the Fresh Clam Pizza or the Cremini Mushroom and Sausage, both of which have deliciously doughy crusts.


Latteria is a great restaurant for families and provides a fantastic alfresco dining experience in its idyllic garden on Duxton Hill. The aim is to provide a genuine, laid back Italian experience under the stars. One of the best events of the week is the Sunday Family Brunch, which includes a sharing style menu for the whole table and optional free flowing wine.

All of these Italian restaurants are great choices for those who miss the incredible European cuisine.

There are, of course, many more options to visit or have delivered with Deliveroo, but these are some of the standout restaurants in this bustling metropolis.

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