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Singapore's best egg-based brunch meals

Singapore’s egg-cellent brunch dishes to keep you going

More often than not, we all find ourselves running late and missing out on breakfast before work or class, but making sure to stay healthy, energetic and satisfied throughout the day is egg-stra important! That's where we step in. This guide you will direct you towards some of Singapore's tastiest egg-filled brunch dishes for that added protein boost you'll definitely need.

1. Kale and Sweet Potato Hash - Cedele All Day Dining

Cedele's All Day Dining is the perfect place to grab a much-needed brunch. With many delicious Western breakfast dishes available, they've got everything to get you going! The Kale and Sweet Potato Hash is a divine fully-loaded egg dish perfect for brunch with its uplifting sweet potatoes and healthy sautéed mushrooms. Topped with two fried eggs and seasoned with a dry Furikake seasoning, this meal provides you with everything you need to refuel for the day.

2. Crack of Dawn - Thrive Kitchen

Thrive Kitchen truly upholds its name with their fantastic brunch selections loaded with delectably fresh ingredients. The "Crack of Dawn" is an outstanding Benedict-style dish with sous-vide eggs on tasteful guacamole and fresh wholegrain toast. To top it off, they drizzle delicious homemade cashew mayonnaise on juicy, marinated oriental mushrooms with other completely organic fresh vegetables and succulently grilled paprika snail sausage. Spoil yourself with this lux brunch the moment your stomach starts growling at you, and be sure not to miss out on this wonderful meal today.

3. Burley Benedict - Hatched

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The Burly Benedict at Hatched boasts some scrumptiously hot poached eggs and corned beef cooked right to perfection! Topped with Mornay sauce, a savoury European-inspired béchamel sauce, this combination adds a delightful touch to each delicious bite. Hatched also offers other tasty dishes to satisfy the egg-craving in you, like their classic Sir Benedict and the Popeye's Salute, poached eggs with, you guessed it, spinach on top. If you're crazy for eggs, this one is a must-try!

4. Honey Chicken with Scrambled Eggs - Lean Bento

Who doesn't love some mouth-watering scrambled eggs? For the inner child in you, scrambled is the way to go. Lean Bento offers up an all-day Japanese brunch haven that includes various versions of this nostalgic delight. With their Chicken Breast Sausage or Honey Chicken both of which are topped with scrambled eggs, you just can't go wrong! A whole chicken is deliciously baked in sweet honey and served with scrambled eggs, fresh and crisp cherry tomatoes, a waffle for that carb-overload and tater tots to finish it all off. To add an even more flavourful experience to your meal, blueberry chutney, a fantastic homemade honey miso sauce and crispy fresh salad toppings on your honey chicken will make every bite just to-die-for.

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