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  2. A Sunday roast in Singapore – at these restaurants, it's not out of the question!
The Sunday roast you'll love the most from restaurants in Singapore

A Sunday roast in Singapore – at these restaurants, it's not out of the question!

The Sunday roast dinner is a classic in homes across Britain and Ireland – and now all over the world. Their hearty take on roasted meats and vegetables (finished off with plenty of gravy) is often enjoyed with the family on a Sunday afternoon, to mark the end of the week and historically as something to look forward to after church. Some would say the "Sunday roast" is uniquely associated with the Anglo-Irish and it's the ultimate in comfort foods. These days, even where church isn't involved, the meal is still a big part of many people's weekends.

American restaurants are known for BBQ meats, but this is a little different. Think of a Thanksgiving turkey then apply that concept to literally all the meats. Yum! And the good news, Singapore, is that you're invited to share this amazing dinner with your loved ones at the following places, just as they do overseas. Undo your belts and get ready for a plate as full as they come!

1. Dog and Bone Cafe – Sunday Roast

At Dog and Bone Cafe, the Sunday Roast comes in not one, not two but three different varieties. So whether you fancy beef, lamb or even spring chicken, you won't be in any way disappointed. Of course a true Sunday roast of the traditional variety comes with all the trimmings. Enjoy the fluffiness of roast potatoes and bask in the Britishness of a Yorkshire pudding alongside three of your five a day – carrots, green peas and cauliflower. And obviously, there's gravy. So much thick, delicious, brown gravy!

2. Muddy Murphy's – Traditional Roast Beef

Ireland and the UK are super close geographically, so perhaps that's why they're both champs at the whole Sunday roast dinner thing. Muddy Murphy's offer their take on Traditional Roast Beef, just like you'd find in the classic Irish pubs overseas. Singapore may not be as close to these places, but that's not stopping us one bit. The Irish are kind of famous for potatoes and you'll love the smooth creaminess of the mash that comes alongside the prime beef. The veggies switch up depending on the season and, yes, you get a good old "Yorkie pud" here as well – and you can opt to have this dish any day of the week.

3. The Penny Black Victorian –  Traditional Roast Beef

We'd all love to head to London but we can't all manage to get all the way there, all the time. No worries, The Penny Black Victorian brings the city to you. With their version of Traditional Roast Beef you get to enjoy the dish just as you would in England. In fact, this pub is part of the same family as Muddy Murphy's – and family is important when it comes to this meal, so you just know they're really comfortable with that Western European vibe. So authentic and so delicious.

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4. Kitchen By Food Rebel –  Slow Roast Beef Sandwich

Sometimes we can't quite stomach a heavy meal so if you're looking for something a little lighter with that same roast meat taste, the Slow Roast Beef Sandwich from Kitchen By Food Rebel is your best bet. Being a bit lighter, it's on the healthier side, making it perfect for lunchtime. And, as you might expect, it tastes absolutely great.

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