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  2. Singapore’s Buffet Bonanza: The Ultimate Pick ‘N’ Mix Food Guide
Singapore’s Buffet Bonanza: The Ultimate Pick ‘N’ Mix Food Guide

Singapore’s Buffet Bonanza: The Ultimate Pick ‘N’ Mix Food Guide

You don't have to throw a plate very far in Singapore to find a buffet. With major hotels and independent culinary wizards doing their thing across the city, you're always within smelling distance of great places to eat. Naturally, like all the best buffets, there's almost too many choices and that can be a problem when the hunger pangs strike.

Fortunately, there are some establishments that have established reputations for excellence and convenience in Singapore. In a tribute to these places and the diverse nature of the best buffets in Singapore, we've scoured the hot plates of the city and pieced together a dinner packed with delights. From traditional cooking to modern convenience, our buffet bonanza reflects the best pick 'n' mix eateries in Singapore.

1.Lime Restaurant

For another touch of theatre, Lime is a buffet that adds some zing to classic Asian flavours. Aside from putting you inside the heart of the stunning PARKROYAL on Pickering Hotel, this street-level diner is open for breakfast from 6:30 am and will serve dinner right up to 10:30 pm. Endless ice-filled trays of seafood sparkle like a diamond encrusted seabed, while the Peranakan kitchen brings traditional dishes back to life. Signature dishes such as char kway teow could have come straight from your grandma's kitchen. For home cooking with a flash of modern flair, Lime is worth a squeeze.


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In our intro, we promised you a rundown of the best traditional outlets as well as a look at how modern technology has brought buffets into the 21st century. Today, instead of trekking across Singapore to find the best buffet, you can bring the buffet to you. When it comes to takeaways, Indian cuisine is always a hot pick and, in this instance, it's perfect for creating a personalised buffet. For us, INDLINE - The Indian Cookery is a slick option. Located on Keong Saik Rd, INDLINE is headed up by former Copper Chimney chef Ajim Khan who is on hand to dish up everything from Goan Fish Curry and Prawn Masala to an array of vegetable dishes. Put simply, if you want to spice up your day with a personalised buffet, INDLINE is just a touch away.

3.Don Quijote

For the buffetarians out there wanting something a little different, Don Quijote on Dempsey Road is the perfect place to pick up a taste of Europe. Well, when we say Europe, we actually mean the Mediterranean flavours of Spain. Naturally, being infused with a Spanish vibe means that tapas is big on the menu and, if you visit during the weekend, these bite-sized dishes are laid out in a buffet style. As for the menu itself, the restaurant promises to take you on a "gastronomic adventure" through Spain's culinary history. For the non-historians among you, this means lashings of fresh seafood, perfectly cooked paellas, succulent pork dishes, and more. If you're looking to pick your way through some of the best Spanish food outside of Spain, head to Don Quijote.

For more ideas on where to find the best restaurants and takeaways in Singapore, take a look at Deliveroo today.

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