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  2. Share some Mexican madness with friends in Singapore this weekend!
Singapore's Best Mexican Sharing Sets

Share some Mexican madness with friends in Singapore this weekend!

Nothing is better than enjoying a great meal with friends and family, especially if it's spicy, delicious, and absolutely gigantic! Experiencing authentic Mexican cuisine in Singapore is an absolute must. Tasty quesadillas and spicy hot nachos when surrounded by your favourite people only adds that fiesta feeling to your meal with satisfied tummies and smiles all around! With that said, it's time to grab your friends and order up some of the most delicious sharing platters packed with Mexican madness to dive right into this weekend.

1. Taco Sets - Los Jefes Mexican Restaurant

Los Jefes Mexican Restaurant brings friends together by presenting their tacos in sets of four. Mouth-watering cochinita, pulled pork, spiced chicken or ground picadillo beef tacos are geared up for you to mix and match for your upcoming game night! To top off every taco is a drizzle of savoury sauces ranging from green tomatillo to a tingly chipotle sauce as well as refried black beans and Mexican rice. Garnished with a cooling sour cream dressing to make every bite refreshing and messily satisfying, these tacos equal a perfect night in with friends.

2. Super Nachos and Carne Asada Fries - Muchachos

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Muchachos boosts their traditional Mexican dishes, such as Pollo Asado Burritos or tasteful Carnitas, with flavourful sets for your weekend enjoyment! Their Super Nacho dish is the ideal treat when hosting a large group, and the Carne Asada fries go right along with it to give you seemingly unlimited snacking all around! Crisp and savoury tortilla chips are drenched in chilli con carne, guacamole, fresh onions and salsa for everyone to dig into, making the Super Nachos the ultimate group snack. The Carne Asada fries are scrumptiously freshly fried chips garnished with sour cream and guacamole before being topped off with bits of steak- it's a drool-worthy dish guaranteed to please!

3. Sets of Two, Four, or Six - Mex Out

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Making sure you've had your fill of a nutritious Mexican breakfast, Mex Out cooks up exciting and healthy breakfast burritos to feast on during your early morning gatherings after a long night out. Mesmerising hand-rolled wraps filled with classic Mexican ingredients have every mouth watering for the next bite! For those of us looking to get in on the Mexican madness during a Saturday at home with friends, Mex Out has the answer with their terrifically set up buddy meals. Designed for groups of two, four or six, Mex Out's appropriately-named Buddy Boxes come packed with the dish of your choosing, with either meat or vegetarian tacos, burrito bowls, or wraps freshly prepared and packed with a few soft drinks to wash it all down.

4. Cowboy Queso Dip to Share - Vatos Urban Tacos

Vatos Urban Tacos packs a mean and lean punch with every bite to satisfy any Mexican food craving you can think of! Homemade signature "Urban" tacos include everything from Korean pork belly fillings to Chilli Lime Prawn, and are truly are worthy of their fame. Vatos serves up intense and riveting starters for friends to dig into together before getting started on these mains, like the Vatos Cowboy Queso Dip, a hot and heavy dip made from cheddar cheese and aromatic jack pepper. They're served alongside freshly hand-cut tortilla chips drizzled with cilantro lime and pico de gallo for the seamless Mexican flavour you're craving.

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