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Seven Brilliant Ways to do Brunch in Singapore

Seven Brilliant Ways to do Brunch in Singapore

Brunch is a perfect way to get together with friends or family, especially at the weekends, when everyone has the time to take life a bit easier and enjoy each other's company while you share a meal. It's great for grown-ups, but also a good one to do with the kids, too.

Of course, there are plenty of places to go out for brunch in Singapore, but it's equally possible to have it at your place - especially given all the options to order in that there are now. If you're not sure what your ideal brunch looks like, take some inspiration from the seven suggestions below.

1.Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a classic brunch breakfast food and it's a versatile one, too. The usual way to serve Eggs Benedict is to create a mega sandwich of muffin, poached egg, ham and hollandaise sauce. Alternatively, you can substitute the ham with spinach and it becomes eggs florentine. Replacing the ham with smoked salmon and you have egg á la Royale. Hollandaise sauce is made with eggs yolks, clarified butter, shallots, pepper and vinegar, but it can take a bit of practice to get it right. Of course, you could always order this one in from Hatched on Holland Ave, where there are plenty of variations of Eggs Benedict to choose from.

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2.French Toast

Another brunch staple that's a near-universal favourite is French toast, otherwise known as eggy bread. This is an easy enough one to create yourself; all you need to do is beat a couple of eggs and soak slices of bread in it. Then heat some butter in a pan, and fry until both sides of the bread are golden brown. You can dress up the French toast with cinnamon sugar, fresh fruit and cream, or just a little honey. The easy option, of course, is to get it delivered from Group Therapy. Try their Brulee French Toast for true decadence - available only at the weekend.


Pancakes are popular in Singapore as they are in other parts of the world and they're great for brunch as they can be a sweet or savory choice - ideal for when you've got different palates to please. While the classic at-home pancakes might be smeared with chocolate spread or eaten with lemon and sugar, Group Therapy has some tempting pancake suggestions. The Pumpkin Pancake is served with poached egg and smoked salmon, while the Pancake Stack comes with banana, strawberries and homemade honeycomb.

4.Something for everyone

If you're a big group and everyone wants their own brunch choice, than Wild Honey has a huge choice of brunch options in their all-day breakfast menu. To make it easy for their customers, the menu's divided up into different kinds of breakfast - Sweet, Vegetarian, Fish and Meat.

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To satisfy a sweet tooth, you might choose the Caribbean - coconut waffles with passionfruit creme patisserie, mango, banana, toasted coconut and passionfruit syrup. However, if you're more of a savory person, then what about the Portobello Road breakfast. It comes with poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach, onion confit and Hollandaise sauce.

5.An American breakfast

Everyone knows how excessively filling an American breakfast can be, and it's a great choice for a brunch. Check out the Clinton Street Bakery menu for some hearty breakfast and brunch options that will fill you up until dinnertime. The Farmer's Plate includes scrambled eggs, farmhouse cheddar, rosemary pork patties and roasted tomatoes, served with sourdough toast. Of course, they also have pancakes!

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6.A healthy salad

Salad might not suit everyone as a brunch option, but for anyone who wants to keep brunch light, it's a good choice. Group Therapy has three salads on its menu - Grilled Chicken; Grapefruit Avocado & Prawn; and Pumpkin Beetroot salad that come with quinoa, spiced carrots and a poached egg. None of these choices will make you feel like you're missing out while other people are tucking into eggs and bacon or pancakes.

7.Porridge and Cereals

There's always room for oats and cereals at any brunch table. Kitchen by Food Rebel offers Cooling Breakfast choices as well as Warming Breakfast ones. Try the Cinnamon Spiced Overnight Oats which includes chia seeds, coconut milk and cranberries, or the Buckwheat Porridge with Cashew Butter.

With all these delicious brunch options in front of you, the only thing you need to decide is whether to eat brunch out or get it served to your door by Deliveroo.

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