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Seafood Curries

Fish is the dish: 5 must-try seafood curries

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With a thriving seafood scene in Singapore, it's no wonder that fish is a much-loved takeaway option. But it's fish curry that seems to top the popularity boards at restaurants all across the country – so here's a peek at some of our favourites from around town.

1. Fish Tikka, Kurry Korner

Fish tikka over the weekend at Kurry Korner along River Valley Road.

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Kurry Korner specialises in fine Indian cuisine, producing countless lip-smacking dishes. You could go for the Goan Prawn Curry cooked in a coconut gravy, or the hot Madras fish, but nothing packs a punch like their delectable Fish Tikka with a squeeze of fresh lemon for extra zing. You can order this with a delicate white fish grilled in a tandoori, or the Hariyali version, with meaty chunks of boneless Red Snapper.

Where: Kurry Korner, locations in Mountbatten/Dakota and Orchard

2. Fish Head Curry, Samy's Curry Restaurant

Southern Indian lunch at the legendary Samy's Curry with the special order of its signature dish- Fish Head Curry.

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Fancy a mean pot of curry? Head over to Samy's and indulge in one of the most flavoursome dishes you'll ever eat. The fish head curry is made of red snapper, stewed for softness, and blending Indian, Malaysian and Singaporean styles. It's a unique creation that's steeped in history – and a signature dish here.

Where: Samy's Curry Restaurant, Dempsey

3. Curry Fish Beehoon, Yu Cun Claypot

If you're looking for a curry that's a little gentler on the taste buds, check out the curried beehoon fish at the Yu Cun Claypot. There may be less heat in this dish, but it's filled with ocean-fresh seafood flavours as well as plenty of vibrant vegetables to cut through the sweeter flakes of fish.

Where: Yu Cun Claypot, Aljunied

4. Sea Monster Curry, Monster Curry

The chefs at Monster have become famous for their Combo Curries, where you can combine lots of different textures and ingredients – and it's their Seafood Monster Curry that's the star here, as you'll get deep-fried fish katsu, scallops and shrimp tempura to go. Add extra toppings, pick your spice level, and enjoy a Japanese take on seafood curry.

Where: Monster Curry, various locations

5. Pepper Chilli Fish, Indian Wok

First course chilli pepper fish!

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If you prefer your fish sweet and sticky but with a crunchy coating, you'll love the Pepper Chilli Fish dish served at Indian Wok. Chunks of fish are pan-fried to perfection, tossed in fragrant ginger and scallions, as well as red chillies for some added dry heat. Don't forget to order a side of shrimp fried rice for the perfect seafood supper.

Where: Indian Wok, East Coast Road

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