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Mixing Seafood and Pasta – The Italians Show How It’s Done

Mixing seafood and pasta – the Italians show how it’s done

With the impressive amount of coastline in Italy, it's not surprising that Italian cuisine combines two passions – seafood and pasta – in much of its cuisine across the different regions.

One of the classic seafood pasta dishes you'll find on many Italian restaurant menus is spaghetti alle vongole. Originally a dish in Neapolitan cooking, this is usually where small palourde clams are cooked in a tomato, garlic and onion sauce and then served with spaghetti. In Liguria, however, the same dish is served with a white wine and garlic sauce instead of the tomatoes. Each region makes the classic dishes its own twist.

But you don't have to be in Italy to enjoy great seafood pasta. Singapore has some amazing Italian restaurants that produce authentic and delicious Italian food.

1. Pasta Fresca

There are five seafood pasta dishes to choose from at Pasta Fresca in Boat Quay. While there's the traditional pasta alla marinara, and pasta alle vongole, we recommend trying their signature dish, pasta Popla di Granchio. It's a blend of soft crabmeat and garlic, served with a cherry tomato and white wine sauce.

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2. Ministry of Pasta and Grill

At the Ministry of Pasta and Grill, you can be guaranteed they know how to cook pasta well! The menu boasts a wide choice of pasta dishes and grilled mains. For lovers of pasta and seafood, popular picks are the Prawn Aglio Olio pasta - a flavour feast combining prawns, with garlic, chilli and olive oil. The Seafood Aglio Olio pasta, meanwhile, gives you a greater variety of tempting seafood treats mixed in with your pasta.

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3. Pastamania

While you can choose all kinds of traditional pasta dishes at Pastamania, they also serve Ravioli de Salmone. This is a deliciously tangy creamy sauce with pillows of freshly-made ravioli filled with salmon.  The restaurant also offers "healthier choices" for when you want a plate that's lighter in calories. Following the seafood pasta theme, choose either Prawn Aglio or Vongole pasta if you want fewer calories than you'll get with the Ravioli de Salmone.

4. Madrinaa Italiano

And our final recommendation for a great seafood pasta dish in Singapore is the Spaghetti alla Mussels that you can order from Madrinaa Italiano in Holland Village. If you enjoy moules mariniere, but find it's not quite filling enough, this is a great way to add some substance to the delicate flavour of the mussels.

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When it comes to decadent eating, Madrinaa raises the bar, with its Tortelli-ravioli stuffed with crab and lobster meat. When you want melt-in-your-mouth morsels of pasta combined with delicious seafood, this is the dish to order!

In Singapore, we might be more used to seeing our seafood curried rather than served with pasta, but give these Italian seafood dishes a try – they taste sublime.

To start your seafood pasta odyssey, check out the Deliveroo restaurants near you.

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