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Classic Mediterranean Desserts in Singapore

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these classic Mediterranean desserts

We've all known from an early age that dessert is the best part of a meal. We were told to eat all our main in order to get to the sweet stuff and, let's be honest, we all still love dessert just as much now that we're older. Of course, Mediterranean food is famous for having some absolutely delicious meals and their desserts are no different, although they're not as well-known. So, let's look at some of the best classic desserts coming from the Mediterranean and tell you exactly where you can find them right here in Singapore.

1. Bougatsa - Blu Kouzina

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Singapore has a lot of great places to get sweet treats from and Blue Kouzina is one of them. The Bougatsa served there is a yummy dessert made with filo pastry, which is filled with semolina cream and served piping hot with a coating of icing and cinnamon sugars. It's about as sweet as it gets and it leaves a lasting impression so you'll be sure to order it again.

2. Tiramisu - Bella Pizza

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Italians have so many great dessert options but one of their most famous has to be Tiramisu, and the ones served over at Bella Pizza are some of the best in town. This fluffy coffee-flavoured mascarpone cheesecake is the perfect palate-cleanser at the end of a meal and is deliciously soft and sweet. Make sure to get your hands on some as it's the perfect way to treat yourself!

3. Greek Yoghurt Bowl - Ergon Greek Deli and Café

Sometimes taking it back to basics is the best way to make a dish; you don't always need all the bells and whistles to make a delicious dessert. The Greek Yoghurt Bowl over at Ergon Deli and Café is a lovely refreshing dessert to follow your meal perfectly. It is brimming with homemade granola, fruits, nuts, and honey and is a tasty classic every time. They also serve it along with other sweet treats, including with koulouri and honey.

4. Kunefe - Turkish Cuisine

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This dessert is literally billed as "a slice of heaven" on the menu of Turkish Cuisine, so it is definitely worth checking out the Kunefe served over at Turkish Cuisine. It is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, made up of layers of shredded pastry that is joined by a layer of unsalted cheese, baked to perfection, topped with lashings of light syrup, pistachios, and finally drizzled with cream. It is the perfect way to end your meal and you'll be sure to make this a regular order each time you eat Turkish food.

We've always been sold on how good Mediterranean people make their food but we can say that, when it comes to desserts, they have knocked it out of the park. Each classic dessert is a total treat and is the perfect way to end any meal or to just enjoy alongside a great cup of coffee. Make sure you try them for yourselves to experience just how tasty these desserts are.

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