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  2. Try any of these four sandwiches if you’re looking for a healthy lunch
If You’re Looking for a Healthy Lunch Try These Sandwiches

Try any of these four sandwiches if you’re looking for a healthy lunch

Eating healthily is easier than ever before, with most of Singapore cafés and restaurants offering vegetarian, halal and even vegan options in addition to the usual meaty fare. These days, if you want a healthy lunch you can order anything from Thai snacks to Amazonian acai bowls and your diet will remain intact. One healthy lunch staple that continues to gain popularity, though, is the trusty sandwich and we've found four healthy options for you to try on your next lunch break. 

1. Peri Peri Chicken

The beauty of sandwiches is how easy it is to find a new favourite: all you have to do is find somewhere with plenty of variety and let the sampling begin. The Sandwich Guys have a menu packed full of signature hot-pressed sandwiches ranging all the way from a regular Roast Beef and Philly Cheesesteak to fancy Cubano and Roasted Eggplant with Cheese. One of their best sandwiches for when you're trying to keep it light is the Peri Peri Chicken - succulent grilled chicken marinated in Peri Peri sauce and served with salad on a toasted ciabatta. Grilled is better than fried and salad - what could be healthier than that? If it's a healthy lunch you're aiming for, you may want to stick with that, but we wouldn't blame you for grabbing some Nachos too.

2. Mushroom & Tofu

Vegetarian or chicken sandwiches are a little too bland for some pallets. Let's face it they're the traditional, easy sandwich options. If you prefer a more adventurous healthy lunch then never fear, as there are plenty of cafés and restaurants ready to serve you some adventurous snacks. Vietnamese sandwich bar Sandwich Saigon has some of the most creative sandwiches in all of Singapore. The Mushroom & Tofu option, served in a baked Vietnamese baguette with fresh salad, is one of their lighter recipes but still substantial and delicious enough to get you through the afternoon.

3. Beef Pastrami

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Not all sandwiches are created equal, but there are certainly some sandwiches that are much healthier than others. If you're aiming for a filling yet healthy lunch, a sandwich is absolutely the answer - you just have to make smart sandwich decisions. All the sandwiches at Kraftwich by Swissbake are made using the café's signature Kraftkorn bread and are part of their healthy option menu. The beef pastrami there is particularly popular, often selling out and is a tasty, filling and yet healthy lunch option for anyone watching their weight. 

4. Grilled Vegetables 

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Vegetarian is a pretty simply way to go if you're watching your kilos. And, quite frankly, we think we've knocked it out the park with this final item. At European café Joe & Dough there's a long list of sandwiches for everyone, but no sandwich could top their Grilled Vegetables. Grilled zucchini and eggplant with sun-dried tomato pesto and frisee all served within a nutritious multigrain loaf. It all comes together to create an absolutely fantastic, meatless healthy lunch. A simple idea, an incredible result.

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