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The salmon in Singapore is cooked every which way

You want salmon in Singapore? Just get a load of this!

If you don't like seafood and fish, you've maybe not tried the right dishes. That's where Singapore's salmon comes in. Where would be be without it? It's versatile, tasty and actually super healthy, so what's not to love? Full of antioxidants, nutrients and that all-important omega 3, salmon is both nutritious AND delicious. From Italian restaurants to Japanese cuisine, it's an ingredient that has worked across a multitude of cultures for years. We've picked out some amazing fish dishes from all over the world to keep you satisfied with salmon in Singapore.

1. Farfalle Salmone 

At Al Forno East Coast, you can get the very best Italian dishes to be found on the East Coast (no kidding). Farfalle Salmone is so simple yet authentic and leaves a really incredible taste. Enjoy the freshest salmon in a moreish pink tomato-cream sauce, served onto a bed of bow-tie pasta. To finish, it's seasoned to perfection. It tastes - and looks - great. 

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2. Aburi Kaisen Chirashi Kamameshi 

Aburi salmon is salmon that's only half cooked - but don't worry, it's supposed to be this way. At Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe, they absolutely love fish in all of its forms, so this dish sees grilled eel, scallop and prawns, as well as salmon and its roe thrown into the mix. Each is diced and then lovingly flame seared to create a fragrant flavour that's equally light yet rich. It even comes with flavoured rice and a tempura platter - if you can manage everything, that is. Creating a truly delicious taste sensation, you won't regret this order at all.

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3. Salmon Roe Ikura Sashimi 

Not sure what ikura is? We bet you've heard of red caviar instead. This fancy-as-anything dish from SUSHI YONPACHI (Sushi 48) is a real crowd pleaser, so we bet it will please you too. Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy which consists of the highest grade salmon served raw, but this restaurant isn't content with just serving the fish - it also loves to serve the salmon roe. An acquired taste for sure, but you've got to try it to "get" it. We can 100% recommend.

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4. New York Smoked Fish and Bagel Platter

What better way to kick-start your morning than with a bagel? This platter New York Smoked Fish and Bagel Platter​ from Wild Honey can be served to groups of either two or four and it's just like how they do it in New York. So how is salmon, made the American way? Extravagant, of course. Did you expect anything less? Enjoy smoked salmon as well as salmon pastrami for added variety, smoked trout salad, smoked egg salad, herb and garlic cream cheese and jalapeno cream cheese too. As if that lot wasn't enough, you also get an assortment of veggies and garnishes like tomato, onion and dill pickles. So you really can have an NYC-style "everything bagel", your own way.

Singapore's restaurants are brimming with sumptuous salmon dishes! Order some now from Deliveroo.

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