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Rise And Shine: Places To Get Your Morning Smoothie

Rise and shine: 4 places to get your morning smoothie

Fresh, healthy and with that holiday vibe – breakfast smoothies are the best way to start your day with a big smile on your face. They're packed full of nutrients and vitamins, giving you the ultimate way to get your morning energy kick.

We've rounded up four of our favourite places in Singapore for you to pick up your morning smoothie, so you can be a fully-fledged smoothie superstar. Sunglasses, pout and Instagram post optional.

1. Daily Juice

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This place is super passionate about the positive health benefits of juices and smoothies. Their stuff is all cold-pressed and packed with plant-based superfoods, so Daily Juice is one for you if you mean business when it comes to getting in tip-top shape.

They take their juice seriously here, with each noting the lengthy list of vitamins in each. So when you opt for the B.Smooth – packed with mixed berries, banana, apple, natural yoghurt and chia seeds – you're getting a dose of vitamin C and K, potassium, calcium, manganese and phosphorus. If you like the sweeter things earlier in the day, go for the White Rabbit, a dessert drink made with almonds, cashews, agave, dates, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt and alkaline water.

Where: Daily Juice, Boat Quay

2. Haakon Superfoods & Juice

Haakon's menu of supernatural smoothies has a cheeky twinkle in its eye – it's fresh and fun, and tells you exactly what each one is supposed to do for you. There's the Lean Green, made with spinach, macha, celery, soy, apple and kiwi – a metabolism booster offering energy and focus. And the Spirulina Strong, made with spirulina, spinach, soy, mango, apple and banana – offering nutrients to make your skin glow.

Of course, there's the Breakfast Smoothie too, made with almond butter, whey protein, oats, soy and banana – a great post-workout recovery and appetite suppressant. Then there's the Mjolinir, made up of organic acai, whey protein, blueberry, chia seeds, maca powder and apple – which 'may cause thunderous bursts of beard and muscles'. You have been warned…

Where: Haakon Superfoods & Juice, Orchard

3. Joe & The Juice

'Who is this Joe?', we hear you ask, 'and why is he trying to give me juice?' Well, Joe is an ex-military man, so he knows a thing or two about discipline and staying in shape. And now he's bringing his power smoothies to you, so you can channel some hardcore vitamin hits and all things juicy.

The menu is packed full of healthy delights, from the Peas of Mind – with peas, avocado, celery, kale and apple – to the Green Mile, with broccoli, avocado, lemon, apple and spinach. We love the Power Shake, where strawberry and banana are met with vanilla milk for a protein-filled treat that'll keep you going.

Where: Joe & The Juice, three locations

4. Juiced Juice

A detoxing paradise, Juiced Juice will inspire you to embark on a juice cleanse that will shun your body of toxins, so that you feel like a brand new You. All their smoothies have specific health benefits designed to keep you fighting fit, so brace yourself to a new and much more delicious way to take medicine, with the healing powers of the humble smoothie.

Their Berry Blend supports weight loss, healthy bones, improves mental health, reduces blood pressure and acts as a good source of fibre. Sunkissed fights against the common cold, improves vision and reduces a sore throat. And the Greenlicious is low in fat and calories, high in nutrients, and promises to smooth your complexion, courtesy of celery, kale, organic apples and a twist of lemon.

 Where: Juiced Juice, locations in Joo Chiat and Whampoa

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