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  2. Want real food? From fresh, organic treats to raw vegan Singapore style, that's what you'll get!
With the rise of raw vegan, Singapore health food diversifies

Want real food? From fresh, organic treats to raw vegan Singapore style, that's what you'll get!

Globally, we are collectively caring more and more about what we put into our bodies. They are our temples after all, and we only get one. One of the best ways that we can treat ourselves the way that we truly deserve is by watching what we eat. But this doesn't mean starving ourselves our forcing our minds to get used to going without. In fact, it simply means just feeding ourselves more consciously. With the rise of raw vegan, Singapore has stepped up to the mark with providing some amazing dishes. There are an array of amazing vegetarian takeaways all around the place, and that's a trend that isn't about to stop. But a meat-free lifestyle isn't the only way to embrace looking after yourself, as there is truly a multitude of exciting ways. From eating organic foods to superfoods, let us show you the light with these great ideas.

1. The most brilliant of breakfasts

If you're looking to turn your breakfast into a bit of a treat but you don't want to go overboard, chia pudding provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy something super sweet that isn't at all bad for your health. It contains more antioxidants and nutrients than we can even list, for a start! At Saladstop! they actually don't stop making the stuff we love, so they serve a few different flavours of this pudding. For something summery and sweet, try Strawberry Chia Pudding. It's vegan and all natural - score!

2. Salads to pack a punch

Quinoa is all the rage these days and it's incredibly easy to see why. It's protein-rich for one thing, which means that if you're vegan, you'll be doing yourself all the favours by giving it a try. In salads, it goes perfectly, and at the aptly-named Real Food, you'll find the Zesty Quinoa Salad. Take a deep breath now to read this, because it's both wheat, gluten and soy free and it's vegan as well - so you could say it ticks a lot of different boxes. It also contains a lot of different stuff, from the quinoa (obviously) through to cherry tomatoes, avocado, olives and cucumber, all finished off with a zingy lemony olive oil dressing. 

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3. Avocado poke bowls at lunchtime

Fans of superfoods will already know just how important avocado is, but have you tried it in a poke bowl? These kinds of dishes make the perfect lunchtime food and will give you plenty of energy to survive the rest of the day. That's not all. A poke bowl doesn't contain just one secret ingredient; it usually comes complete with a rainbow of several! At A Poke Theory that's no exception, as their Avocado Poke Bowl also has tomato and a marinade. You guessed it - it's vegan, too!

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4. Raw desserts to finish you off

The beauty of eating healthily means that you can always experiment with different things. The raw food trend has thankfully extended to desserts, and we're obsessed. Why not try The Living Cafe's take on a chocolate raw treat for afters? Their Raw German Chocolate is so good that you won't believe it hasn't been baked. Flour, flaked coconut, honey, coconut oil and a myriad of other yummy stuff including cocoa all goes together to make the perfect little cake. Wow. 

So what will it be? You can stay healthy AND get takeaway, all thanks to Deliveroo.

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