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Quirky eel dishes to show you what the fuss is about

Four quirky eel dishes for the adventurous diner

If you want to eat something mega-healthy tonight, maybe you should consider eel. It may not be the first thing people think of when ordering a takeaway, but it actually tastes amazing - so it's a shame if that means it's overlooked. It's really versatile as it's found in everything from sushi to grilled dishes. Fish and seafood make for flavourful yet nutrient-dense additions to our diet and there's no reason why you can't order them in so that they're ready-to-eat and cooked in the perfect way - especially if that way is Japanese. Let's take a look at some of Singapore's best eel to really seal the deal…

1. Nixon Sushi Roll - Sun With Moon

Looking for something intricate to stimulate your palate? Sun With Moon Cafe are known for experimenting with a variety of flavours and with the extra-special Nixon Rolls that's exactly what they do. You'll find cream cheese, sweet omelette and cucumber in a sushi roll topped with grilled eel. The entire thing is then finished off nicely with a soy sauce - which really brings the whole concoction together. This is creativity at its finest, and we're pretty much obsessed.

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2. Una Chazuke - Kaisen Ichi

There are a variety of different Chazuke, a Japanese traditional dish which has green tea soup and rice working in harmony at its base. Green tea is known for its metabolism boosting properties, and these key ingredients are quintessentially Japanese. Kaisen Ichi offer a great range of Chazuke, but our favourite may well be Una Chazuke. Eel and onsen egg make this particular blend complete. The soup has to be poured into the premium rice bowl in order to be enjoyed correctly - as it was intended. And it was intended to be delicious (which it is).

3. Eel Spring/Hand Roll - Itacho Sushi

Who doesn't love a good spring roll? At Itacho Sushi, they certainly do - and you will, too. The Eel Spring/Hand Roll is packed with the tastiest and freshest eel, alongside a range of other ingredients to complement it. Veggies, rice and seaweed really make it what it is. Think of it like the Japanese, uber-healthy version of a burrito or a wrap. With plenty of different things inside, this one's a real mixed bag. Actually, make that a mixed roll. 

4. Unagi Sushi - Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi carry a great range of Japanese cuisine, specialising in - you guessed it - sushi. Unagi Sushi is made up simply of eel, as "unagi" is the Japanese word for the freshwater variety. There is a special Japanese eel that earned unagi its name, but now it refers to any eel stemming from a fresh water source. The health benefits of this are incredibly vast, providing the same kind of nutrients as oily fish like salmon. We love when things this good for us taste this great!

If you feel like some eel after reading all of that, you know what to do - just order your choice from Deliveroo.

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