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  2. Porridge really can change its oats - see how Singapore is dishing up variations on the classics
From porridge to waffles - Singapore breathes new life into these dishes

Porridge really can change its oats - see how Singapore is dishing up variations on the classics

They say a leopard never changes its spots. Maybe that's true, but it seems a porridge really can change its oats. Singapore is in the midst of a food revolution, combining a range of dishes and bringing the weird and wonderful to extremes. Classic dishes that you love have been undergoing a makeover of late and we can tell you now that the alternatives work. So would you give any of these slightly different versions of your fave foods a go? Let's see what's on offer, shall we?

1. Porridge with fish

Many of us have fond memories of eating porridge for breakfast, but you're probably more used to the dish as a classic, perhaps served with honey, jam or fresh fruit. Now that Singapore has got its hands on this Western dish it's given it a real twist. It's a little-known fact that lobster and other fish in porridge is enjoyed by the Chinese. In Singapore, it's being brought that way to you directly by Ah Chiangs Porridge. Their Fried Whitebait Porridge is tasty, nutritious and has a really good kick to it. If you're a fan of all things extravagant, you're going to enjoy this dish.

2. Pizza with waffles

The Americans have some interesting food combinations - just look at chicken and waffles - but did you know that you can now get pizza with waffles as well? This fantastic combination is available in Singapore courtesy of Revelry and you're going to want to put it to the test. Frankly the OK Waffle Pizza is more than just OK - it's great, because it features otah fishcake as well as scrumptious waffles. It's got a whole load going on, but that's what makes it work.

3. Mash but with cauliflower and peas

We all know that Singapore is no stranger to health food restaurants, but we're kind of digging the trend that's been started at P.S Cafe where they're ditching traditional mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower and peas. When you order Bangers & Cauliflower Pea Mash, you're not just ordering an interesting spin on an old favourite but a much healthier one as well. Cauliflower and peas are far lower in carbs and calories, so you can keep your waistline trim without missing out on your favourite comfort dish! Plus, we think they go together super well - and they brighten up the plate.

4. Durian in your creme brulee

Uh-oh... here's a choice that's potentially controversial. Creme brulee is a delicious and classic French dessert dish - but in Singapore you can order it a totally different way. Durian is a fruit with a bit of a divided rep, so by adding it to this sweet treat, it's bound to polarise opinion. However, we think the Durian Creme Brulee from Arbite is exactly what the foodie community needs. Enjoy this traditional custard-based dish but this time infused with durian and topped with burnt sugar and almond flakes. If this is wrong, we don't want to be right!

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