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  2. Pasta madness has officially hit Singapore! Try some of the best
Pasta Madness Has Officially Hit Singapore! Try Some of the Best

Pasta madness has officially hit Singapore! Try some of the best

Lasagne, spaghetti, fettuccine, and oh-so-many more mouth-watering Italian dishes have staked their place in everyone's heart, all over the world! Have you ever met someone who doesn't like pasta? Neither have we! It isn't all that hard to choose the right pasta and sauce pairings (because they're all so delicious) but, rather than opt for the common favourites, why not be bold and try a new type today?

With that being said, we've put together some of the best Italian restaurants serving some truly unique types of pasta available in Singapore, so find out where your next dish should come from here!

1. Penne Pasta with Arrabiata Sauce

We just had to start with the basics! Penne pasta is perhaps one of the most common types in the world, and paring it with Arrabiata sauce is a no-brainer! For a pasta al forno or macaroni béchamel, penne is always the way to go. Arrabiata sauce, typically made with red chilli peppers, tomato, and garlic, adds a spiced twist to regular old marinara for some zest in your evening.

Pasta king offers an authentic variation of Italian cuisine with skilled chefs straight from Italy! They also import their delicious ingredients fresh from their hometown as well, earning them the well-deserved title of Pasta Kings. They truly excel at perfectly cooked Italian pasta, with exciting dishes such as the Spinaci Cannelloni and Lasagne Vegetali. Make sure to check out their version of the spicy Arrabbiata penne pasta cooked with special Italian spices, guaranteed to serve up a delicious zing on the very first bite.

2. Spaghetti topped with Vongole sauce

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Vongole is the Italian word for "clams", so you know this sauce will have all the right sea-inspired flavours available in this dish. A simple sauce with clam juice as its key ingredient, you can guarantee a crisp and slurpy pasta dining experience every time! Vongole is usually served as a coating on spaghetti, but some restaurants offer it with linguine if you prefer. You can put this sauce on pretty much every type of pasta and it will taste just as good!

Acting as a food-mart and a restaurant with all the Italian cooking necessities, from basic and simple sauces to more advanced and artisanal ingredients, Cibo Italiano offers delicious, handmade, and quality Italian dishes. Go ahead and check out their Vongole, one of their most popular dishes: a savoury swirl of clams and a succulent white wine sauce; this dish is an "Mmm!"-inducing must for lovers of all things seafood!

3. Ravioli Con Gamberi

Ravioli is a dish that no one can resist! This pasta type is unique in that it allows for an additional ingredient: pretty much anything you want! Stuffed with various fillings to your heart's desire, from cheese or truffle mushrooms to prosciutto and minced beef. Perhaps the best types of ravioli are those chock-full of fresh seafood! Ravioli con Gamberi is loaded with prawns and served with the sauce of your choosing.

For the best Ravioli con Gamberi, you have to try out Rosso Vino. Their wonderfully homemade pasta is served with prawns and a rich, luxurious saffron sauce that is just to-die-for. Specializing in fine and genuine Italian wine as well as traditional, delectable Italian food, Rosso Vino excels at what they serve! Everything is cooked by their very own Chef Francesco Serra, and a high-quality menu offers some of Italy's most beloved and customary recipes. They also serve up some fantastic starters like the Bruschetta Rosa or a stomach warming Minestrone soup.

4. Tagliolini Granchio and Crabmeat Sauce

This is one of the most interesting of the bunch! Tagliolini pasta is coated with a red seafood sauce and normally served stuffed inside of a large crab. Ordering one of these at an authentic Italian restaurant will make you the Instagram-envy of all of your friends!

Having been in business for well over a decade, Modesto specializes in homemade pasta dishes. Their most exquisite includes the Tagliolini Granchio, containing savoury fresh crabmeat and a tomato-y brandy sauce that is unlike any other! Pair it with a house wine available for delivery and call it a night!

Looking to satisfy that Italian craving? Deliveroo is here to help! Check out these wonderful restaurants and order your next delicious meal now!

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