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  2. Singapore’s Tastiest Garlic Bread For When Pasta Cravings Strike!
Singapore’s Tastiest Garlic Bread For When Pasta Cravings Strike!

Singapore’s Tastiest Garlic Bread For When Pasta Cravings Strike!

When sudden "pastamania" strikes you, you have to be prepared with the best garlic bread pairings in town! The iconic favourite side dish fresh-out-the-oven coupled with a saucy pasta dish makes for a perfect partnership the world truly deserves. Countless Italian restaurants across Singapore are well aware of this dangerously delicious duo and we're here to help you navigate through the best of the best. These garlic bread siders perfectly suited to accompany any pasta dish of choice are ready on demand with just a click of a button.

1. Cheesy Garlic Bread Trio - Pastamania

Starting off strong at the top of our list is a sharing platter of this toasted treat, the Cheesy Garlic Bread Trio from Pastamania. Featuring three generous slices of garlic soaked bread topped with an attractive mix of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese, this divine platter will kick off your meal to a great start. An everyday favourite among appetisers, the Cheesy Garlic Bread Trio goes great with any of Pastamania's delicious pastas. For the ultimate combo, try out their Beef Bolognese or the Spicy Chicken Sausage and enjoy the perfect balance of flavours throughout your dining experience.

2. Pane Al Burro D'aglio - Modesto's

Another perfect antipasti dish to start off your next Italian spread is the one and only Pane Al Burro D'aglio from Modesto. A riveting variation on garlic bread, this dish comprises two slices of thick crunchy bread topped with a blend of black olives and warm garlic butter. This tasty starter is guaranteed to get that tummy rumbling for what's coming up next. The Pane Al Burro D'aglio is a magnificent choice when paired with Modesto's Risotto Pescatora, a traditional Italian main packed with a collection of tender squid and seafood mix. If you're on the hunt for a meal fit for a king, then Modesto has you covered!

3. Ultimate Garlic Bread - Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian called it like it is: Their Ultimate Garlic Bread basket brings in some serious competition when it comes to starters. Incredibly delicious and freshly-baked artisan buttermilk buns are loaded to the brim with an herby garlic butter. Guaranteeing you'll order up seconds, the Ultimate Garlic Bread selection truly lives up to its name. A wonderful match for a Penne Arrabbiata main, these two come together to create one powerful dining experience freshly available at this popular spot.

4. Vegetarian Pane all'Aglio - Mondo Mio

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If it's a meatless dish you're after, then there is no better choice than getting started with the Pane all'Aglio at Mondo Mio. Offering a bready twist to your veggie-fuelled dining experience, the Pane all'Aglio consists of four slices of soft-baked garlic bread promising a tantalising aroma and great taste no matter what you order. For a match made in heaven, this top-choice starter pairs perfectly with the Ravioli ai Porcini, a vegetarian pasta available at Mondo Mio featuring flavours of white truffles, wholesome spinach and much more. Make it a veggie-themed feast with Mondo Mio!

Enjoy any of these fantastic garlic bread platters to add to your divine pasta dish with Deliveroo today!

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