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  2. Put a spin on your order and check out unique pizzas in Singapore!
5 Unique Pizzas to Order in Singapore!

Put a spin on your order and check out unique pizzas in Singapore!

When we think pizza, we think of a classic favourite that's perfect for sharing, customising, and ordering on demand. Why not switch things up for your next pizza night and explore Singapore's endless variety of quirky, unique, and deliciously out-of-the-box toppings that are sure knock your socks off? You'll never be stuck for choice with this handy guide of creative pizza toppings!

1. Pistachio Pumpkin Pizza - Extra Virgin Pizza

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Coming in at number one on our list of reinvented pizza toppings is none other than the Pistachio Pumpkin at Extra Virgin Pizza. You've probably heard of a pesto base on a pizza at one point or another, as opposed to the more classic tomato salsa that we all know and love. However pistachio pesto has raised the bar on the creative charts making this veggie masterpiece an absolute must-try! With a thick base of pistachio pesto topped with pumpkin, baby arugula, fresh mozzarella, pecorino, provolone cheese, and a splash of lemon vinaigrette, this green machine is perfect for all veggie lovers, weight watchers, and anyone on the hunt for a new approach to their all time favourite!

2. Blue Formaggio - Tino's Pizza

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Keeping in line with the veggie theme is yet another incredible mix of flavours you wouldn't expect to find on a pizza. The Blue Formaggio is found exclusively at Tino's Pizza: this edible masterpiece brings together the finest of Italian ingredients to open your world to a whole new kind of fast food experiences. The Blue Formaggio features the finest trio of blue cheese, Padano, and fresh mozzarella for that European touch. Sprinkled with walnuts and bound together with a honey drizzle, this is the perfect mix of savoury and sweet that will satisfy any craving and have you scanning the menu for more of Tino's great tastes!

 3. What the Duck Pizza - Pezzo

Embrace the season and try out this one-of-a-kind festive pizza from Pezzo, bringing together the heart and soul of winter flavours all into one glorious remake of your favourite take out choice! Humorously named, the What the Duck Pizza starts with a carbonara creamy base topped with succulent pieces of duck, dollops of cream cheese, mozzarella, dried cranberries, with a final garnish of apricot drizzle. This showstopper will warm your hearts and bellies and make this the ultimate winter festive experience you never knew existed!

4. Brooklyn pizza - Hannibal European Grill & Bar Pizza

Delving into the gourmet side of things, Hannibal European Grill & Bar has outdone themselves with their rendition of the Brooklyn pizza. An infusion of tomato, buffalo cheese, crunchy red onion, chilli chips, fresh basil and the shining star: Sobrasada Iberica. If you've yet to try this tasty Spanish ingredient you're in for a delightful surprise! Sobrasada Iberica is soft chorizo paste made with specially selected black Iberian pork spiced with paprika, pepper and salt. Together these ingredients open up a pallet of pizza flavours unlike anything you've had before! Fancy a sausage pizza with a kick of authentic high-quality flavour? Hannibal European Grill & Bar has got you covered!    

Make your next pizza night one to remember and enjoy any of these creative pizzas with a little help from Deliveroo!

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