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Lunching By Yourself? Cheap eats for a one!

Lunching By Yourself?

Did you know that 29% of Singaporeans have their lunch at their desk every day? While we may not always belong to that percentage, there are days when everyone else in the office or your group of friends is busy at work or - gasp - having lunch with some else, and you're left alone. You're too paiseh to eat out alone. People may stare, what might they think? Not to worry, Deliveroo is here to help you out. Along with our lower minimum order value for lunch, eating alone need not be a boring affair with these cheap eats!



Stuck indoors for lunch? At just $12.50, this might be the perfect lunch treat. Besides, it's never a bad time to get a good burger. The Berg from BERGS is quite a steal for a pretty good humble burger. Enjoy the classic combination of a juicy prime beef patty stacked with crunchy lettuce, tomato, zesty red onion, aioli, and of course topped with BERGS' special sauce. It's a classic taste that's done to near perfection. Why not treat yourself to a bottle of root beer and a side of calamari rings while you're at it?

With our lower minimum order value, get The Berg from Deliveroo today!

Where: East Coast Road, Far East Square, and Haji Lane.

DeliverooEl Tardeo

Right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar sits El Tardeo, a charming Spanish restaurant, dishing out delicious Paella and Tapas. The good news is, you can get El Tardeo now exclusively on Deliveroo! Why not make your colleagues jealous by getting a set lunch at just $15.00? This set includes your own choice of Paella, and Tapas! Our personal favourite choice of Tapas is the Tortilla De Patata, a Traditional Spanish Omelette made with egg and potatoes. This thick slice is a joy to cut into, with the sweet eggy flavours not overpowering the more savoury texture of the potato. This omelette is a great companion to any Paella on offer.

Take advantage of our lower minimum value order for lunch and get a Paella set lunch from El Tardeo on Deliveroo today!


Guzman Y Gomez

A burrito is great comfort food for the lonely eater. If you think about it, a burrito is meat wrapped in a tortilla blanket. Why not get one from just $11.90 to keep you company! Our favourite is the spicy grilled chicken burrito. Within the comfortable soft flour tortilla wrap is a fiesta of flavours with rice, jack cheese, black beans and salsa for that oh so familiar Mexican flair. The spicy chicken itself gives our burrito a mild kick, without overwhelming the other flavours.

Get a burrito from Guzman Y Gomez and make use of our lower minimum orders today!

Where: Tanjong Pagar Centre, Pasir Panjang, and The Star Vista.

DeliverooLoloku / Don Ho

If meats aren't the thing for you, A bowl from Loloku will definitely be a catch. At just $14.00, The Wikiwiki makes a Poké bowl quite affordable. A delicious bowl of tasty salmon poké, served with kumbu rice and quinoa as a base, and mixed alongside zesty jalapeños, kimchi for that korean kick, crunchy almonds and topped with a scoop of fresh avocado. On top of all of this, mix it together with a generous serving of chipotle mayo that brings each of these eclectic tastes together.

Get The Wikiwiki from Deliveroo for lunch, with our lower minimum order value!


The Daily Cut

It's not rare to go to The Daily Cut and see a long snaking queue of office workers, each clamouring to make their own tasty mix of meats and supplements. With Deliveroo, you can cut that queue and get it delivered straight to you, without the hassle of standing in line from just $9.00 for a petite bowl! We personally love their juicy rib-eye steak as a choice of protein. At just $1 more, the steak is done just right that it doesn't lose it's nutritious taste or any of its juices, working well to contrast the other veggies in your bowl. The steak is just one of the many choices of protein, amidst a countless number of different supplements so each meal will always be different!

Cut the queues and order from The Daily Cut on Deliveroo, with our minimum order value today!

Where: Tanjong Pagar, Fusionopolis


Xin Wang Hong Kong Café

Fried rice is often shared with a group of people, but what if you could have a plate all for yourself? When you're craving that local flavour, get Xin Wang Hong Kong Café's Signature Fried Rice for just $11.24. This wok-fried mix of everything you could ever want in fried rice is a tasty comforting treat to cure your midday hunger. With tasty squid, prawns, and rice that absorbs the sauces it's cooked in, each spoonful is to a tasty treat, with many different flavours mixed into one.

Make use of our lower minimum order value and order from Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe on Deliveroo today!

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