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On A Roll: Great Sushi Spots in Singapore

On a roll: 5 great sushi spots in Singapore

Vibrant, healthy and full of all sorts of goodies, it's no surprise that sushi is super popular. And as a state surrounding by the sea on all fronts, it's also not a shock that there are loads of great places serving up these Japanese parcels here in Singapore. So when the sushi cravings hit, here's a few places to check out first.

1. Kinsa Sushi

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If you need a quick lunch between meetings or a nutritious dinner in a hurry, you can't beat the eats at Kinsa Sushi. From their Soft Shell Crab Roll topped with flying fish roe, to the delicate flavours of their take on a California Roll filled with sweet crab meat, omelette and avocado, you'll be hard-pressed not to find something to love here.

Where: Kinsa Sushi, Upper Bukit Timah

2. Senmi Sushi

For something bigger and bolder, check out what they're serving up over at Senmi Sushi. We love the flavours they pack into their take on the Super California-Style Maki – try the Bluefin Tuna, Uni and Tobiko Bomb one if you love fresh, succulent tuna met with the zingy flavours of sea urchin and flying fish roe. Or, for a new take on salmon, their Flaming Salmon Maki adds cheese slices with drizzles of mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.

Where: Senmi Sushi, Esplanade/ Marina Square

3. Standing Sushi Bar

Inspired by the standing sushi bars in Tokyo, this place takes their sushi seriously. It's the sashimi that steals the show here. Tuna, salmon, swordfish, there's just about every type of you can imagine. And if you can't decide, there's loads of curated collections, so you can get the best of everything.

Where: Standing Sushi Bar, Bugis/Arab Street

4. Sushi Burrito

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For something completely unique, why not try sushi in burrito form? The ultimate indulgence for both sushi and Mexican lovers, it's also the perfect takeaway lunch, packing all those tasty Japanese ingredients and healthy recipes into one easy, on-the-go wrap. Two of their most popular dishes are the Rainbow Shrimp with fried ebi, naruto maki and pink fish floss, and the Rising Sun, stuffed with salmon sashimi, soft crab meat, avocado and fukushin zuke.

Where: Sushi Burrito, Tanjong Pagar

5. Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei may be tucked away in Raffles City Shopping Centre, but there's more than meets the eye to this hidden gem – rustic Japanese cooking is transformed into beautiful contemporary cuisine. From swordfish to scallops and king prawns, their seafood rolls are second to none, but we love their Black Caviar Sushi for a really decadent treat.

Where: Sushi Tei, various locations

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