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  2. This is not just any pizza... This is Singapore's extra-special, gourmet pizza
This Is Not Just Any Pizza... This Is Singapore's Extra-Special, Gourmet Pizza

This is not just any pizza... This is Singapore's extra-special, gourmet pizza

Despite the world moving on a lot in the past twenty years, when people think of delivery, their minds still often instantly pop to pizza. Even though we're living testimony that other choices do exist, we can't help but be a little guilty as well! Luckily, Singapore does still have plenty of pizza takeaways, and as you might imagine, they've really stepped up their game.

These days, restaurants can't just pop a pizza in the oven and just hope for the best. You could go to a supermarket and do that yourself, so it's important to pay attention to quality. It's all about bespoke pizzas, something either creative and unique, or simple and done to the highest standards. Wood-fire pizza, stone baked pizzas and gourmet pizzas are all some of the best types of pizza around, and you can get your hands on the cream of the crop, right here in Singapore!

1. Motorino Pizzeria: Prosciutto & Roquette

There's nothing fancier than prosciutto really, and when it's on pizza, it just goes so, so well. When you see this on the menu, you know a place is good, and Motorino lives up to that and then some. This pizza features the deliciously cured ham, alongside plenty of different cheeses, including fior di latte and pecorino. With a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of fresh oregano, this isn't just good - it's great.

2. Marché Mövenpick (Raffles City): Norwegian Smoked Salmon

When restaurants play around with fresh pizza ideas, they have to be confident in their own abilities to do something well. Fail, and they could fall flat on their faces. Marché Mövenpick offer up a range of gourmet pizzas for people to try new creations, and one of their best is this white pizza, without tomato sauce, featuring the finest smoked salmon around. Thanks to a creamy sauce base, the fish actually goes really well with the concoction, and there's still just enough white sauce for the crust. That ratio is important, after all!

3. Knicker+Bockers: Shiok Chick Pizza

You could argue that this is a Knickerbocker without its glory, but oh no, they've got plenty of that with their food, too. The pizza isn't strictly wood-fired at Knicker and Bockers, but it is absolutely gourmet, using hand-stretched dough. One of the most popular menu items is the Shiok Chick, all chicken pizza, but these guys are on the ball with a variety of different kinds. The veggie pizza deserves a special mention - The Last Virgin is all kinds of funny in a way that makes you just know that this is bang on trend.


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If there's one type of food delivery that's never, ever gone out of style, it's pizza. We've simply brought it screaming into the 21st century with every kind you could possibly imagine, available to order right here on Deliveroo.

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