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Singapore's Most Exciting Japanese Dishes

The most exotic Japanese dishes right here in Singapore

Everyone loves at least one yummy Japanese dish, but you haven't truly dabbled in the cuisine until you've tried some of these exotic a-la-carte dishes! Japanese food is about more than just sushi, and we're here to let you in on some of their hidden culinary gems smack-dab in the middle of Singapore.

Each cuisine has a subsection of dishes meant only for the bravest of foodies out there. Not only do we have the most bizarre of those listed below for you, but we could bring the adventure right to your door!

1. Black Pig Loin Katsu - Ginza Bairin

Ginza Bairin has been bringing unique Japanese dishes to the world's doorstep since 1927, and it's time you finally took a peek! When Japan was struck with a shortage of rice during World War II, restaurants came up with a delicious replacement- tonkatsu. This creatively spiced pork, which is what gives it its rather odd dark colour, is coated in breadcrumbs and then fried until golden and crispy. The only thing more delicious than pork itself is pork wrapped in deep-fried breadcrumbs! Lucky for you, tonkatsu is Ginza Bairin's signature dishes!

Try their fried black pig loin drizzled with their famous tonkatsu sauce to start off your culinary adventure. While eating anything that looks like it's bitten off might seem counterintuitive, this dish is a local fave! Nothing tickles your taste buds more than that perfect balance between crispy and saucy.

2. Shishamo Yaki - Shin Minori

We all may have heard of dishes people claim to be among the world's weirdest delicacies, but none will surprise you more than this one! Explore Shin Minori's sumptuous variety of 160 a-la-carte mains by starting off with this incredibly creepy appetiser - a pregnant capelin fish spiced with some actually really tasty aromatic herbs. This crazy starter is edible from head to tail, tiny bones and everything! Nothing screams freaky-deaky like eating two generations of fish at once! If you're up for stepping out of your comfort zone, Shin Minori will not disappoint.

3. Chuka Iidako - Sushi Tei


There's no better entrance to your unique Japanese experience than through Sushi Tei's baby octopus dish. Chuka Iidako is smothered in a yummy red sauce, but this heavily spiced delicacy is definitely not for the faint-hearted! That's why you're here though, isn't it? This bright red appetiser is just the start of Sushi Tei's colourful top-quality sushi menu. Don't forget to splatter your plate with some of their countless fresh sashimi pieces. From their tuna belly to their swordfish sashimi, your taste buds are in for one hell of a ride.

4. Chuka Kurage - Sakura

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Of course, you haven't completed your Japanese culinary trip until you've tried this oddly underexposed starter: spiced jellyfish! You would think that you shouldn't eat something you've been told to constantly avoid anytime you go to the beach, but these little guys make for a tasty a-la-carte treat! Plump, gooey jellies of the sea are dehydrated, cut into noodle-like slices, heavily spiced and drizzled with sesame sauce alongside your sashimi appetisers. Sakura will definitely win you over with its various daring seafood dishes - take your pick and your tummy will thank you later!

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